[Appearance of people in] Moscow and Paris

Does the average person form Moscow look any different than the average person from Paris?

Paris France, or Paris Kentucky?

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Why yes. Russians are of slavic descent, while French are of latin descent.

Just compare Putinand Chirac and compare the facelines.

Better yet, just google “russian man” and french man" and note the differences.

I see different faces, but not different TYPES of faces. What is the difference between a slavic look and a latin look?

To give my laymans perspective, then the slavic look is harder, with more pronounced bones than the latin look. That main man in GTAIV (can’t remember his name) is pretty representative of the slavic look. As is Putin.

Gerard Depardieu, as well as Chirac, would be examples of how frenchmen look. More soft than the Slavs.

And I do hope someone can give a better explanation than me now…

The main thing I see is that Putin has more pronounced cheeckbones and Chicas has a squishier looking nose.

I don’t think of the French as a generally squishy-nosed lot.

Well, the pronounced cheekbones is a slavic thing.

Think of a general latino, and throw some nordic into the mix and you have the French.

Slavic descendants frequently have more pronounced cheekbones, shorter chins and more angular brows than other genealogies. The noses are usually straight and slim, sometimes aquiline, but with fairly defined nostrils and ridges. Slavs frequently “appear” to be short and stocky.

The french are harder to pin down due to a lot of different stock coming together during the last few hundred years. But as a rule of thumb, their hair is thicker, their jaws and chins are broader and longer and their ears are less pronounced than the slavic. They also appear to have more on the slavic peoples in height

Yes they do and quite obviously.

You would recognize that the person from Moscow might be your military commander some day while the person from Paris might be your one night stand. I kid, but yet, not at all. It is pretty easy to distinguish western Europeans from eastern Europeans by sight without going so extreme as comparing Moscow to France. The difference is pretty big and I work with lots of Eastern Europeans and have been to Paris many times. The Slavs have a much more serious look although they make great employees because they aren’t lazy like the French.

Russian people are very easy to pick out from a crowd. Can’t pinpoint why, but they have very distinctive Slavic features (something in the nose-cheeks-eyes area?) plus paler skin than any other group of people, save for albinos.

When I was in Russia I was struck by how skinny the women are. Really, really skinny.

Agree with the cheekbone thing too.

As someone who has traveled a lot, essentially every country has a certain subset of looks. You might not necessarily be able to pinpoint exactly what the items are, but you can definitely tell that there’s a closer link between everyone around you than seems quite normal (as coming from the US, though a British friend remarked on it in moving to Finland as well.)

Dunno about Russians, but French generally have darker, slightly curled hair, prominent but thin noses, slightly larger mouth with lots of wrinkles around their mouth and eyes, large forehead, and a vague tan.

Sarkozy looks much more like a basic Frenchman than Chirac, in my mind.

They have absolutely gorgeous women! Eastern european women are the best ;).

I think they are generally normally built, but many western countries have so much obesity that they might appear skinny in a relative manner.

Yeah, the weirdest thing about going to Europe is that there aren’t any fat people (except the ones getting off the tour bus with the cameras.)

I’ve also noticed that IMHO there’s more of what I guess you’d call regional dress sameness - like, last time I stood in Victoria Station and watched the people go by, ALL the British women were wearing black or dark gray with black tights. However, I notice that that’s sort of the case in New York, also, which might just be that people in more cosmopolitan cities dress up more.

Sorry, that was kind of a tangent. The Eastern European women I’ve seen also tend to be more “done” - they wore more makeup, had more elaborate hair, etc. That was true especially in St. Petersburg (and some bad hair dye too, I might add - I figured it was a Soviet remnant or something) but also in Budapest, where many of the women I was looking at wouldn’t have been ethnic Slavs. Appearance isn’t just ethnicity.

Come to Ireland, plenty of us here. On the continent they eat the fat people though.

From my observation, the Slavs and unrelated (though certainly intermixed) Hungarians tend to have higher cheekbone structures than Western Europeans. Also, there’s this unnatural-shade-of-red hair dye that still seems to be popular with women in those former Soviet bloc countries.

Another trait that seems to have filtered through Slavic populations from points east are epicanthic folds on the eyelids. However, they are not as pronounced as those on East Asians.

Alternatively, it might just be a different type of eyelid, and not really a proper epicanthic fold.

I would imagine it’s not only physical appearance, but how they carry themselves too. That seems to be regional almost as much as accent or language.

Which, of course, is ironic, because only one of Sarkozy’s four grandparents were French.

Eastern European men are pretty hot too - I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I went to Warsaw. :slight_smile:

The exception being the UK, fat fuckers in spades here. In fact I think we’ve actually surpassed the US on the obesity index now. But you’re right about the continent, when I went to Sweden earlier this year I was struck by how slim everyone was, even the fat people were thin (and it took about three days of me being there before I saw anyone I would really consider fat). Oh, and I knew I hadn’t died and gone to heaven in Warsaw because when I went to Sweden I was CERTAIN that I’d died and gone to heaven. :wink: