Apple Cider Vinegar for Wart Removal

I just wanted to share this with everyone since I gave it a shot on 2 warts and it worked very well.

You simply apply the Apple Cider Vinegar to a cotton ball and band-aid it to the wart for 24 hours. After that you scrape off the blackened, loose wart, and do it again for one more cycle.

The results left very very minor scarring that seemed minute compared to other solutions tried (freezing, slicing off, topical OTC acid). A couple weeks later and you would never know I had a skin blemish there.


Why not white vinegar, or rice vinegar?

Have the handy no-mess salicylic acid pads caused scarring for you? I’ve used them on several warts and the only permanent result has been wart removal.

Believe it or not… I had hand warts (you’ve gotta get medical advice for most so be careful), had Em frozen off and the usual medical routes and in desperation googled options.

The most improbable but least traumatic was to tape banana peel white side to the wart area… What damage could that do I asked myself, the worst it could be was amusingly useless… It worked… Not immediate but pretty fast…

It’s worth a try if it’s a tape friendly area… Some posts say it’s just the pressure and irritating it that kicks the immune system to go take a closer look at the area but I would advocate a banana skin application just for the hell of it assuming its nowhere too tricky…

I’m actually not at all sure there is a difference, honestly, I just tried the one popularly suggested and was very pleased with the results. I think its the fresh Autumn air trapped in the tart cider that makes the warts want to leave. Seriously though, no idea.


I haven’t had much luck with those, and I don’t know why there is a difference, but it is possible it was a change in the methodology. Hopefully I never have a chance to try either again!

This does work as well as suffocating them with electrical tape. A word of caution, overuse will cause a serious burn on the skin as well as leaving a nasty scar. I speak from experience. :frowning:

Everybody (it sometimes seems) has a sure-fire remedy for getting rid of warts. Matters get complicated since warts have a habit of disappearing of their own volition unpredictably.

Vinegar contains a very mild acid so it’s conceivable it might have an effect on some warts over time (not to mention your neighboring normal skin getting constantly soaked by the overflow), though salicylic acid pads would be a lot quicker, precise and more effective. There is nothing special about apple cider vinegar, except a guy named Jarvis wrote a book decades ago about its zillion and one folklorish uses and it’s become a popular cure-all among the alt med set.

Apple cider vinegar is what I used to treat the many warts my daughters had, and it was completely effective. There was at times some very minor stinging (that went away quickly), but nothing that they couldn’t stand. It was a lot more cost effective, too, because they both had a goodly number of warts on both hands and it only takes a tiny bit of vinegar for each treatment.