Apple Magic Mouse

Has anyone used one yet?
I would like to upgrade, but I am seeking opinions first.


I have been using mine for ten days now, and I am very happy with it. My iMac came with one already paired and ready. I liked it enough that I went back and bought one for my Mac Mini, which was running Leopard. It paired up pretty easy, but it needed a mouse software update, which can be found herefor all of the functions to work

as I understand it, the magic mouse allows the same gestures that the iphone does-pinching etc. how does that work on an iMac?
So you are using MM with both Snow Leopard and Leopard? Do you see any differences once the updates are applied?

Two fingers swiped from side to side will take you forwards and back in web browsing, one finger side to side will scroll horizontally, one finger along the vertical axis scrolls vertically. Pushing down on the front is the regular click, and pushing on the right side is right click.

The pinching motion from iphone does nothing to my web browser, but I haven’t tried it in other applications.

After loading the mouse software update to the mini that was running Leopard, it worked the same as it does with SNow Leopard on the iMac. While I was at the Apple Store, I found that the Snow Leopard update was pretty cheap, so I loaded that to the Mini.

I used one at an Apple store for a few minutes, but didn’t buy, for the same reason I didn’t buy a mighty mouse: the touch-detection figures out which “click” you’re using (right or left) by what fingers it sees – not which one is actually pressing harder.

Which means that if your left finger is on the mouse, it’s a left-click–even if you actually pressed with your right finger. You have to actually LIFT your left finger off the mouse to right-click. I’ve got twenty years of muscle memory not doing that.

Apparently, people more normal than me can get used to that (and maybe even do it normally; “hovering” their fingers over the mouse until they want to click), and I can remember to do it, as long as I concentrate. But it makes my fingers hurt within a minute or two of using the mouse, so I passed.

I’ve had my Magic Mouse for about two weeks now (running Leopard), and I love it, especially given the crappy scroll ball on the Mighty Mouse that preceded it. With no moving parts, the touch pad will never get gunked up and I’ll be able to unzoom as well as zoom! (CTRL + scroll up or down to zoom the screen). I don’t like effectively losing two buttons (the central press-on-the-nipple that by default started the Spaces view, which I liked, and the squeeze the sides “button” that by default brought up Dashboard. I never use Dashboard, and I had to add the Spaces menu controller to my menu bar. But those are mere noise amidst the symphony of mousing and scrolling and zooming and unzooming. Truly, we live in the best of times.

And though Apple DID oversell the “you can do multi-finger gestures” bit by only defining two (two finger swipe to the left or swipe to the right), someone on arstechnica or lifehacker wrote some code to implement a pinch in and pinch out. So the hardware can do much more, but they’re probably in endless meetings at the moment, trying to figure out the perfect set of gestures.

(Remember Eddie Izzard playing Heimlich? “I have invented a Maneuver. Well, not a Maneuver, sort of a Gesture, actually.”)

It’s too small for me, and I noticed the joints on my ring and index fingers get sore after a while from the unfamiliar need to lift my fingers for the gestures. I’ve put it aside, even though I don’t even use my Mac all that much.

You have to try it to be sure; it seems to polarize folks. Go to a Best Buy or Apple store.

For me, I knew immediately that I had to have one.
I have been using a Mighty Mouse for the past two years, and I liked it a lot, with the exception of the uncleanable roller ball getting clogged with grit all the time.

The fact that I now have a mouse that has no exposed moving parts for my fingers to clog when I am eating Cheetos is the number one seller.

It behaves differently in Snow Leopard; I was using it in Leopard for a week before I upgraded to Snow Leopard. The key difference is that the vertical scrolling has momentum, just like when you flick the screen on an iPhone. This is very cool and means that you can flick to the bottom of a long page with ease.

I don’t use the swipe gestures much (two fingers sweeping right or left gives a “forward” and “backwards” browser navigation action); I have xGestures, so I do right-click mouse gestures for most stuff. However, it’s kind of nice to gently swipe the mouse side to side.

I was concerned that you needed to do the swiping while holding the mouse, and that conjured up an uncomfortable image of doing the Spock salute all the time. The reality is that the mouse has enough grip that you can release it totally and just gently stroke its back.

This also works for the scrolling. Get the page open, let go of the mouse, and then gently stroke its back to scroll through the web page.

Color me one polarized oppositely to minor7flat5. I checked out the mouse when I picked up my Macbook a few weeks ago and immediately hated it.

The shape, a typical Apple futuristic gently sloped plastic splat, seems deliberately designed to provide no support whatsoever for your hand. Moving it seemed awkward - there’s really nothing to grab, you just kind of clumsily mush it around the table from atop. Clicking is supremely unsatisfying - even my new laptop with its omg-look-at-our-spiffy-amazing-touchpad has a physical, tactile response. Scrolling while holding the mouse seems likewise awkward to me, and sideways gestures seem almost impossible from a ‘traditional’ mousing grip. Did I mention the edges of the futuristic plastic splat are surprisingly sharp? After about ten minutes my fingers ached just from delicately hovering my fingers over the thing in some weird, crooked cupping motion.

Granted, it might be something you get used to. Honestly I didn’t think about leaving the mouse in place and gently ‘stroking its back’ for the gestures.

Me, I’ll stick with my Mx518.

ETA: Pesky verb tensors.