Apple products at Best Buy

Does Best Buy load up their Macbooks with Geek Squad crap like they do the PCs? I suspect Apple doesn’t let them, but I want to be sure.

They come in sealed Apple boxes.

Do they load the PCs up with permanent apps? When I worked at HQ, they just had the ARCHIE application which mostly showed up as the interactive screensaver that told you what specs the machine had. It also included some deep freeze app that kept people from messing with the system by removing icons or deleting anything. When they were taken off the display shelf to be sold, the ARCHIE app got removed, and all the software with it. Have they changed their tune and started installing GS apps?

I would have no trouble believing Apple controls the sales model more than PC makers, but “sealed boxes” doesn’t mean dick when it comes to PCs being preloaded with a retailer’s junkware. They’re just mirrored and shipped that way, for resellers of a certain size.

IOW, it’s not each store’s geek squadders taking the systems out of the factory box, pissing in in them and putting them back. They come right from the maker with all that store-brand gritware on them.

They were out of stock on the one my daughter wants, so it doesn’t really matter anymore, but thanks!

The windows laptop I purchased at Best Buy did not come preloaded with any Geek Squad stuff.

Same with the 2 Lenovo desktops I bought recently. It just came with the Lenovo crap.

Oh good, maybe they’ve quit doing it altogether.