Apple Storage Questions.

Today I planted 2 apple trees. 1 is Red delicious and the other is yellow delicious (which I have read is the same as Golden delicious). Both are semi-dwarf trees. And I may plant a third (maybe honeycrisp).

My main question is storage. I have read online that you can keep them for months if kept at around 30F. I’d rather not tie up fridge space, so my options are my cellar or my garage. I live in north eastern PA.

My cellar is not really heated, just the ambient heat from the furnace (but I may put a coal burner in). The cellar is small, but there is a different room in the cellar I could keep them in.

Or the unheated garage. I read on one site that you can store apples in unheated buildings if they are packed in straw or paper to keep them from freezing. Does this work in NE PA?

And about Honeycrisp apples. On some sites I have read that they store well for 6 months or so, and others say they are problematic. Anyone here have experience with them?
Also, how would cider from these three types turnout? I have read you can make cider from one type, or mix several.
Thanks for any advice, help or ideas.