Appliance repair in real life

So my gal tells me (yesterday) that one of her friends (a single gal) is having trouble with her cable box/VCR/TV combo. Something’s not quite right, and she wonders if I can come over sometime during the day and look it over.

Today, I did just that. I went over to her house during my lunch break, looked at the connections (sure enough, some of the cables weren’t right), fixed it, set her time, and gave her a quick course in how to program it.

She then gave me some brownies for my trouble, and I was on my way back to the office.

Odd. . . that’s never the way it happens on Cinemax. . . .

Did she put the brownies on a plate? Maybe you could go back on the pretext of returning the plate, and then maybe it would happen like it does on Cinemax? :smiley:

Funny. At the tuba’s house, whenever Mr.Tuba fixes stuff he gets all puffed up and struts. That always means there is a Cinemax scene about to be portrayed.

:mad: Anyways! Didn’t you say Your gal asked you to help her? Surely you didn’t want the friend stripping down to lingerie in lust-driven anticipation. Right?