Appropriate thank-you gift for a family practitioner

We just went thru a bit of a fiasco with my husband’s neurologist (specifically, his office staff) and our regular doc went above and beyond to straighten things out for us.

Short and sweet - my husband was having trouble walking - weakness and numbness in his legs and feet, and a few other problems. He called the neurologist who did his back surgery last year (he’d had 9 spinal surgeries, so he kinda knows what’s going on back there) but the woman answering the phone wouldn’t let him talk to the surgeon or the PAs, and she said the soonest he could be seen was May 3.

So we went to our regular doc (actually, a PA-C) and after she did and exam and a few tests, she was very alarmed and she called the neurosurgeon’s office herself - getting the same answers we got. So she called the hospital where he practiced and talked to the neurologist on duty who managed to get hold of my husband’s neurologist who told us to get to that hospital ER immediately. After MRIs and CT scans, my husband was admitted, and yesterday, he had spinal surgery #10.

He was told flat out that had he waited any longer, there likely would have been permanent damage or even paralysis. As it is, he’s already doing better, less than 24 hours after surgery. And our doc called twice to check on how things were going with him.

So, we are eternally grateful to Christine, our super PA-C and we want to show her. Flowers die. Candies may or may not be appreciated. Husband suggested giving her a car… :rofl: I did send her an email of thanks, and I’ll contact the head of her practice. But we really want to do something special for her.

So, suggestions??

Send her a written letter of thanks, not just an email, and definitely notify any superiors you can reach.

My store sends gift baskets to doctors (and/or their staff) on a very regular basis.
ETA, not meaning to make this sound like an ad for my store, I meant to call a local store and order a gift/fruit basket. They typically go over very well.

That is such a dated concept. If the Doc is under 40, probably just be weird. (And I am in my Fifties).

It is tough not knowing the person, you don’t know if alcohol is a Faux Pas or Sweets for that matter. But could you ask someone at the practice?

Maybe a very mixed gift basket from Harry & David? With enough different things in it she’ll hopefully enjoy some of it and could pass other stuff on.

(I see I got ninja’d)

Fruit baskets are in my blood, I’ve built tens of thousands of them.

I like the gift basket idea too. If the contents are sufficiently varied there is almost certainly at least something she’ll like for herself. And it’s fun to go through the basket, as each item is another new little gift. Then sharing it with everyone is yet another small pleasure.

I speak from experience - I used to head a small office where I/we got sent several gift baskets every year at Christmas. They never failed to be a hit with all of us.

I respectfully disagree. Send a letter, hand signed. She will keep it forever, show it to her children and it will always be meaningful to her.

(If they use a pen) A good pen, personalized with the doctors name. Or a hot-air balloon ride.

Other gifts that cost less than a car: Personalized medical tools: tuning fork, flashlight, reflex hammer, testing pen, wartenberg pinwheel (I’ve gone with the neurology stuff, because that’s a neat tie-in :slight_smile: )

Sporting events and Artistic events, but only if you know what your doctor is interested in. Maybe motor-way track event if they’re into cars.

This is stuff a drug company would like to give to your doctor, if they could get away with it, and I trust their judgment. Safety googles are good too, but have the unfortunate connotation of suggesting your doctor needs to be more observant, so drug companies mostly don’t go there…

You create beautiful lap robes~make one for her and present it with a box of nice tea and a bookstore gift card large enough for her to select a best seller she has been dying to read.

The basket of varied goodies is always welcome or check with an office person and see if you can have Friday lunch of pizzas or subs or bbq sent over one week soon. Or ask if you can do it for a staff meeting, bagels and fixings for a morning meeting or lunch.

Maybe you could present several children’s books to a nearby school in her honor-“I want to be a doctor/PA” kind of books. No school is going to turn those aside and she could pick the school or the public library branch.

One last idea~~~next year at this time, write her one more note and tell her what her care has meant to you and your family and will continue to mean. Maybe Roxy could do some art to put in with it. If you have your pottery wheel up and going by then, make her a set of mugs or a beautiful salad bowl or bread-making bowl and sign your name on the bottom.

I like this idea! No dietary issues, personal, but not creepily so, and certainly useful here where it gets chilly. Thanks, BBBoo!! Toss in a selection of teas and hot chocolates…

Lots of good suggestions here, but I think this one is the winner! Thanks, all!

I agree with a heartfelt note, very personal and appropriate I think.

But I’d go a step further, send a letter to their boss, and send a letter to their professional association singing their praises.

I’d be tempted to stake out their office, early morning, till they arrive. Jump from my car and tell them personally how much you appreciate what they did for you.

A heartfelt, detailed letter. With a copy to her boss and/or the local medical organization she belongs to. Also, if you want to do more, a gift in her honor to a charity she supports. (The charity will NOT reveal the amount to her, but she will get an acknowledgement that a gift was made by you in her honor.)