Aquarium question

What do you feed corys if they are in a tank by themselves?

I fed mine a little bit of flake food and every day they’d get blood worms. They sucked them up like spaghetti. About once a week I’d give them a cooked pea to munch on.

anything that sinks.

I give my bottom feeders Wardley Shrimp Pellets (Walmart seems to be the only place that sells them. Pet stores, sometimes.)

Since there aren’t quicker fish sucking up the non-sinking foods first, you have a lot more leeway. I always feel bad for my cories since I keep extremely lively food-oriented fish in with them, it’s a constant battle to get some food to the bottom! Live foods are the healthiest for any non-herbivorous fish of course. Cories are omnivores so any live foods and almost any commercial food will be fine for them.

I have some sinking algae wafers they seem to like, along with whater flakes/pellets make it past the other swimmers to the bottom of the tank.

I alternate algae wafers with sinking shrimp pellets. Once a week I’ll thaw and dump in some frozen brine shrimp or blood worms, and usually it’s enough that some gets past the ravenous guppies to the bottom. If your cories are alone, though, you don’t need to worry about that and can just dump in whatever your cories will eat.

In my experience, I was surprised to find that corys are, apparently, immortal. They don’t die, and you can’t kill them. The only corys of mine that have died were a couple fished out and eaten by the cat, and one that jumped out of the tank unbeknownst to us. We’ve been keeping an aquarium going for decades now, and the corys seem to do just fine without special attention, seriously.

Thanks, everyone. It sounds like it won’t be as difficult as I thought.