aquariums and bettas

What problems can I expect if I add a betta to my community tank aquarium. I’ve been told they are quite aggressive.

I’m not an expert but in my experience, Bettas only seem to be agressive toward other male bettas(not that I have ever fought the or anything , but I’m willing to accept that they would fight other bettas). I have usually had a betta in my big tank with no problem, they just kind of hang out in the top corner and ignore everything.

It depends on what else you have in your aquarium. Bettas and Angels (or Fancy Guppies) do not generally mix well, and the Bettas will harrass and bite at the long flowing fins of the other fish. It you have mostly Tetras and Corys, you should be just fine, but if you have Barbs and the like, do not expect your Betta to look nice for very long.

However, if you have a large enough aquarium, the ratio is not too high and you have lots 'o plants, you can mix almost anything.

In my limited experience, anything flashy with large fins may stir the male Betta and cause him to get aggressive and kill/injure it.

There was a really good aquarium message board I saw about a year back… had some really knowledgable posters on it. Man, I wish I could remember where that was…

Despite their viscious common name of “Fighting Fish,” Bettas are actually quite low on the aquarium-fish-aggression spectrum. This is partially do to their small size and their general clumsiness–a fish with such long, flowing fins isn’t particularly maneuverable.

I’ve had male (and female) bettas in community tanks for years and have found only one other fish they’d pick on: a long-finned goldfish (who he nipped to pieces). Anything else, I’d assume, with long flowing fins (such as angelfish) will be a temptation for him.

Surprisingly enough, you need to be more careful of other fish picking on the Betta. That clumisiness–coupled with those tempting fins–make them prime targets for the fast-moving, fin-nipper types. Stay away from danios, barbs, and gobies–or your gorgeous Betta will be shredded. And while those long fins will grow back, they grow back scared and lacking the original brilliance they once had.

Currently, I have a male Betta in a 10 gallon with some glass cats and a corycat. Interesting enough, when first introduced, the Betta charged the glass cats like they were males on his turf. But then those tiny wheels in that imperceptable brain turned and he realized heyyyyyyyyyy…these are Bettas! Every now and then, when one goes over to “his” side of the tank, he may come up to them again–but he does no harm.

Wow. Make that “…this is partially due to their small size…”

And “…grow back scarred…”

And “Interestingly enough…”

And “heyyyyyyyyyyyy…these aren’t Bettas!”

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