Aquila Be a Troll

What the fuck, Aquila? This isn’t even going to be a pitting about the vapid PDF you posted in your OP.* That paper isn’t even worth wiping my ass with. It’s about you being a pussy who can’t admit he’s being an idiot. Take the question in your very title. What did you think the answer would be? If you thought anything other than “NO.” to the question “Obamamania – Does Obama knowingly hypnotize his followers?” Then you must be open to the idea of mass-hypnotism, ergo, a moron. But anytime we called you out on that, all you did was vomit back “I am not the author of the thesis, so I can’t be associated with it nor form an opinion about it.”

BULLSHIT. As soon as you hit submit after whipping up your OP, you assumed association. So what’s your story here? You like shit stirring, that’s for certain. You’re an obvious idiot for even posting the question, and you don’t even offer anything of substance in the thread, nor answer very straightforward questions being asked of you.

Lame ass troll. Fuck you, and fuck your disingenuous posts.

*Reading any of it is like rolling a fart around on your tongue. I’m not sure how anyone with more than 3 brain cells can get past the first page.

Yeah, I thought it was a pretty strange OP, and his non-responses were annoying, but has this guy got a history of doing stuff like this?

Well, it’s the first I’ve ever seen of him. He does have over 400 posts since 2006, but I’m assuming he’s kept a low profile all this time, for fear of his beliefs in black-magic-voodoo coming to the surface. Whoopsy-daisy.

I have an impression of him/her as being pretty conservative just from reading his posts in the past. I wasn’t really aware of any woo-woo beliefs from AB, but they may just have not come up.

It’s still not clear whether he’s even an American (living in Australia), dual-citizenship, or just an Australian. Even though he’s been directly asked a couple times, he hasn’t answered. Why invest so much vitriol in something that doesn’t concern you all that much?

Aquila Be, told ya so.

Now go fuck yourself.

It was just bound to happen.

I liked your edit reason. Was Janet in there, too, before you edited? :stuck_out_tongue:

Come in Aquila, are you there, Aquila?

Now that tomndebb closed the thread, due to troll-equivalence, what say ye?

Snerk. No, originally I spelled it ‘Pitt’.

Darn, I thought I’d gotten the inside joke. :frowning:

Was that a Rocky Horror thing?

In MY mind it was. :smiley:

I’ve gotta say, I’m kinda disappointed Aquila Be didn’t show up for his own pitting. What a Pussy.

Until next time, folks…

In response to this and your other moronic posts:

My response #30 to Princhester:

response #30

Allow me to assist you:


So I failed to take into account the possibility that the word would be too big for you? That’s too bad. I absolutely refuse to use words of two syllables or less just because you happen to make an appearance in a thread.
As to my position on the hypnosis thesis and your dual citizenship nonsense, link the statements in your posts with my response and see if you can work it out without help from anyone else.
Post with allegations and assumptions from Cmyk:
post #15

My post in response:
post #16

See if you work it out in less than an hour.:slight_smile:

Listen punk, I knew you were living in Aus, you never answered whether or not you were an American, Dual Citizen, or what. You’ve never seen an Obama speech; only read a few. You aren’t smitten by the thesis, I get it already, but this is obvious:

You assumed mass-hypnosis by Obama had some merit, otherwise you wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place.

The stupid, it burns.

Also this:

To which I replied:

Care to answer?

I think you have comprehension/communication problems.

And stop being so goddamn coy. You think you’re being clever, but you’re just being an asshole. Just answer a direct question straight for once.

Not a huge surprise, but the paper contains several outright fabrications as to the content of Obama’s speeches.

Hey! That’s from Penn’s LDC! I used to participate in experiments there.

sigh Is this nonsense going to stop after the election, or are we going to have to put up with it throughout Obama’s administration?