Ar Wi Iteng D' Yunevers?

I’m pretty sure it’s French.

n. frm d’ med. eng., 1) smurmee @#% dat hydz ndr brijiz (en d' medel englic: a smarmy @#% that hides under bridges, ce nstigehterz ov d’ streht doap mesij burd.

Bork bork bork!!

I would like, surreptitiously, to thank a friend for tipping me off as to what the problem is here. And I would like to attempt to salvage this thread, if possible, and bring the discussion to its original intent. I made the stupid decision to derive a “Future Speak” for fear of being called to task that people in the 26th century would talk a completely different way. In retrospect, I should have laid out my intentions in the Opening Post, disclaimed the “Future Speak” thing as a hindrance to communication, and asked people basically to pretend that this is in the future.

Sorry for annoying everyone.

Is it possible that we could return to the debate, using what they will likely be calling “medel englic” (Middle English)? I think it would work if we use ordinary English, but simply use whatever technical terms, like Gravity Orb, where necessary.

[walking sheepishly into the room…]

Okay, here is everything rendered anew from the Future English:

The Opening Post

Little Nemo already got it substantially right. The last line is “Are we eating the universe as Pope David fears?”

From Nen: 03-16-2000 02:46 PM

Given the premises:

  1. The phase mass of the graviton is [in] direct proportion to the amplitude of its wave in alpha space.

  2. Light speed in beta space is equal to light speed in alpha space times 3 at 10^25e K.

  3. And of course, the wave properties of the graviton are [in] direct proportion to the photon.

The ramifications of thermodynamic theory in conjunction with Wu’s Theorem implies that, given the temperature, T, the light speed, c, and the phase space, n (n equals 1, 2, 3, 4), that c sub n+1 equals c sub n at T sub n times 3. Thus, c sub n+2 equals c sub n+1 at T times e equals c sub n at T sub n times 10^2 times e^w. Hego particals and their nature imply that gama space exists. Given the nature of the Light Speed Phase Space Theorem, light speed in gamma space equals light speed in slpha space times 10^2 times e^2 at 10^25e K. Likewise, light speed in “delta space” would equal light speed in alphs space times 10^4 times e^3 at 10^25eK. Therefore, Wu’s Theorem still applies! The existence of delta space is theoretically possible. If we borrow enrgy from other phases, are are serious repurcusions. Due to Wu’s Theorem, borrowing energy from gamma space would make 10^2 times e^2 times the energy found in alpha space. Conversely, it owuld tak that much enrgy in alpha space to make the equal amount in gamma space. that’s why we banned the use of energy from other phases – we’d be eating the universe!

(Dang! I just notice he’d already translated it!)

My replay to him: 03-16-2000 05:09 PM

Holy cow!

I read the middle English and now I have a headache! You’re the best writer of middle English I’ve ever seen. Did you study it yourself, or did you buy the chip?

But won’t the energy we borrow from gamman space be replaced by energy from beta space (which would be relaced by energy from gamman spehs…)? [Obviously, that should have been, “But won’t the energy we borrow for alpha space be replaced by energy from beta space (which would be relaced by energy from gamman spehs…)?” — Typos in Future English, no less!] If there are infinite phases of space, what is to worry?

Why do we make laws based on what the Pope says?

Nen’s reply: 03-17-2000 12:25 PM

Yeah, I studied the middle English myself. Pertaining to the borrowing of the energy from other phases of space, there is something to worry about. There may be infinite phases of space from which we can borrow energy, but the rate at which the energy is replenished is subject to the Time Dialation Theorem. We can borrow energy from beta space, which borrows the energy from gamma space, shich borrows the energy from “delta space”, etc. The problem is when the energy is borrowed in the opposite progression (don’t mean the new theory of unpredictable phase progression). If we take the energy from alpha space to make the delat space equivalent, we take 10^2 times e^2 of the energy in alpha space. This makes the gravity orbs [black holes]. If the energy comes to the alpha space from some other phase the energy is put in the gravity orbs. These gravitons make the orbs stronger. This process goes, to use the middle English, ad infinitum. That’s the keep your energy to yourself law. Otherwise the universe would be eaten. The Pope is afraid to be wrong so the Pope says that we eat the universe. This is the one time the Pope has agreed with science (even if its only theory).

So, on with the debate! :slight_smile: