Ar Wi Iteng D' Yunevers?

En d’ leht 2200s, Wu’s Tirem. D’ orejenel en medel englic: “The phase mass of a graviton is directly proportional to the amplitude of its wave in alpha space.” D’ madern: “D’ fehz mas ov d’ gravatan. Darect proporcan t’ d’ ampletud ov its wehv en alfa spehs.” En 2420, Finmehl descvr’d Hego partekls dat exest at tempracur 10^50e K. Dis partekls wehr nehm’d f’ d’ 23d sencri kosmolajist Franko Hego, hu yus’d Wu’s Tirem t’ postuleht d’ exestens ov gama spehs. Et’s amaseng en retrospekt. Nobadi untel Wu had ‘plid termodinamik tiri t’ what was dehn kal’d “black holes” (prnowns’d “blak holz”). Todeh, cors, wi kal dis gravati orbs. 20d and 21d sencri saintests towt dat de mas ov graviti orbs implaid sm kaind ov tehr in spehs. Deh ded not andrstand fehz spehs. Ntel Wu.

Es et posebl dat dehr es a fehz ov spehs dat exests at tempracur 10^100e K dat wi kn kal “dehlta spehs”? Ef so, wel Wu’s Tirem stel apli? N sens lait spid en behta spehs es ekwel t’ lait spid en alfa spehs tims e at 10^25e K, es lait spid en gama spehs ekwel to lait spid in alfa spehs tims 2e or lait spid in behta space tims 2e? Ar dehr felosofecl emplekasns when wi baro enerji frm odr fehzs?

Ar wi “iteng d’ yunevers” as Pop David firs?

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Okay, I’m going to take a shot at this:

In the late 2200’s, Wu’s Theorem. The original in middle English: “The phase mass of a graviton is directly proportional to the amplitude of its wave in alpha space.” The modern: “The phase mass of the the graviton. Direct proportion to the amplitude of its wave in alpha space.” In 2420, Finmehl discovered Hego particles that exist at temperature 10^50e K. These particles were named for the 23rd century cosmologist Franko Hego, who used Wu’s Theorem to postulate the existence of gamma space. It’s amazing in retrospect. Nobody until Wu had applied thermodynamic theory to what was then called “black holes” (pronounced “blak holz”). Today, (of) course, we call these gravity orbs. 20th and 21st century scientists thought that the mass of gravity orbs implied some kind of tear in space. They did not understand phase space. Until Wu.
Is it possible that there is a phase of space that exists at temperature 10^100e K that we can call “delta space”? If so, will Wu’s Theorem still apply? And since light speed in beta space is equal to light speed in alpha space at 10^25e K, is light speed in gamma space equal to light speed in alpha space time 2e or light speed in beta space times 2e? Are there philosophical implications when we borrow energy from other phases?
Are we “hitting the universe” as Pop David fears?

I’m not sure “hitting” is the correct translation for “iteng” and I did not attempt to translate the proper names or temperatures. If I recall correctly 10^50e is a one followed by fifty zeros and K is the Kelvin scale which counts from absolute zero using degrees equal to the Celsius scale.

The bit about “borrowing” energy from other phases of space, besides calling to mind the Asimov novel “The Gods Themselves,” suggests that the question being asked in the thread title is, “Are we eating the universe?”

Come to think of it, I’d better go find a copy of “The Gods Themselves,” which I haven’t read in about twenty years, and see if this isn’t transliterated directly from that work by a certain armchair linguist. :wink:

Oh, and to keep this in GD for a couple of hours, my position is that no, we are not eating the universe.

If we are eating the universe, it strikes me that the vital question is, what else should be on the menu? What soup, salad and dessert? And perhaps most critical, what wines?

Obviously (in retrospect) you guys are correct. The last line “Ar wi “iteng d’ yunevers” as Pop David firs?” should have been translated as “Are we ‘eating the universe’ as Pope David fears?” In my defense, I’ll say that after translating the rest of the passage, my brain was getting numb.

As for GD, I’d guess the issue before us is “What the hell is Lib talking about?”

Givn d’ premacees:

  1. D’ fehz mas ov d’ gravatan es darect propocan t’ d’ ampletud ov its wehv en alfa spehs.
  2. Lait spid en behta spehs es ekwel t’ lait spid en alfa sphes tims e at 10^25e K.
  3. Und ov cors, d’ wehv propartees ov d’ gravatan ar darect proporcan t’ d’ foton.

D’ ramfikashuns ov termodinamik tiri en cungunkshun wit Wu’s Tirem implais dat givn d’ tempracur, T, d’ lait spid, c, und d’ fehz spehs, n (n ekwels 1, 2, 3, 4), dat c sub n+1 ekwels c sub n at T sub n tims e. Dus c sub n+2 ekwels c sub n+1 at T tims e ekwels c sub n at T sub n tims 10^2 tims e^2. Hego partekls und der naytur implai dat gama spehs exests. Givn d’ naytur ov d’ Lait Spid Fehz Spehs Tirem, lait spid en gama spehs ekwels lait spid en alfa spehs tims 10^2 tims e^2 at 10^25e K. Likwiz, lait spid en “dehlta spehs” wud ekwel lait sped en alfa spehs tims 10^4 tims e^3 at 10^25e K Derfur, Wu’s Tirem stel aplis! D’ exestinz ov "dehlta spehs es tiriticly posabul. Ef wi baro enerji frm odr fehzs, dehr ar cirus ripurcashuns. Du t’ Wu’s Tirem, barong enerji frm gama spehs wud mak 10^2 tims e^2 tims d’ enerji fund en alfa spehs. Kunversly, et wud tak dat mutch enerji en alfa spehz t’ mak d’ ekwel amont en gama spehs. Dats wy wi bant d’ yewz ov enerji frm odr fehzs – wi’d be iteng d’ yunevers!

Oh, did you want a translation?…


Given the premises:

  1. The phase mass of the graviton is directly proportional to the amplitude of it’s wave in alpha space.
  2. Light speed in beta space is equal to light speed in alpha space times e at 10^25 K.
  3. And of course, the wave properties of the graviton are directly proportional to the photon.

The ramifications of thermodynamic theory in conjunction with Wu’s Theorem implies that given the temperature, T, the light speed, c, and the phase space, n (n equals 1, 2, 3, 4), that c sub n+1 equals c sub n at T sub n times e. Thus c sub n+2 equals c sub n+1 at T times e equals c sub n at T sub n times 10^2 times e^2. Hego particles and their nature imply that gamma space exists. Given the nature of the Light Speed Phase Space Theorem, light speed in gamma space equals light speed in alpha space times 10^2 times e^2 at 10^25 K. Likewise, light speed in “delta space” would equal light speed in alpha space times 10^4 times e^3 at 10^25 K. Therefore, Wu’s Theorem still applies! The existence of “delta space” is theoretically possible. If we borrow energy from other phases, there are serious repercussions. Due to Wu’s Theorem, borrowing energy from gamma space would make 10^2 x e^2 times the energy found in alpha space. Conversely, it would take that much energy in alpha space to make the equal amount in gamma space. That’s why we banned the use of energy from other phases – we’d be eating the universe.


I apologize for the lack of subscript and superscripts.

Now do you see why it was such a silly question?


A rehd d’ medel englic n nao a ha d’ hehdehk! Yu d’ behst raitr ov d’ medel englic a’v ehvr sin. Ded yu studi et yursehlf, or ded yu bai d’ cip?

Bat won d’ enerji wi baro frm gama spehs bi riplehst bai enerji frm behta spehs (whic wud bi riplehst bai enerji frm gama spehs…)? Ef dehr ar enfenet fehz’s ov spehs, what es t’ wori?

Wy d’ wi mehk laos behst an wat d’ Pop sehs?

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Did you bring the buttfor?


:: Struggling into orange and purple plaid jacket, then facing audience ::


For pooping, silly.


Please tip your waitpersons, and try the veal.

Dago, Dago, Lassi Lima rintintin
Yanqui unicycle ramar rotoroot
Telstar aloha saarinen cloret
Stassen camaro impala desoto?
Gardol oleo telephon lumumba!
Chappaqua havatampa muriel
U canleada horsta wata, bwana,
butyu canna makit drinque!

Comsat melba rubaiyat nirvana
Garcia y vega haiawatha aloo,
O mithra, mithra, I fain wud lie doon!

Valdaree, valdera, que sera, sirrah,
Honi soit la vache qui rit,
Honi soit la vache qui rit.

Ya, a studid d’ medel englic masehlf. Putaneng t’ d’ barong ov d’ enerji frm odr fehzez ov spehs, dehr es sumtin t’ wori bowt. Dehr mae bi enfenet fehzez ov spehs frm wich wi kn baro enerji, ba d’ rait aht wich d’ enerji es riplehst es subjekt t’ d’ Tym Dylashun Tirem. Wi kn baro enerji frm behta spehs, wich baroz d’ enerji frm gama spehs, wich baroz d’ enerji frm “dehlta spehs”, eht sehterah. D’ pobim es wen d’ enerji es baroad en d’ aposyt pragreshun (don min d’ nu tiri ov npridiktabl fehz pragreshun). Ef wi tehk d’ enerji frm alfa spehs t’ mak d’ “dehlta spehs” ekwivalint, wi tehk 10^2 tims e^2 ov d’ enerji en alfa spehs. Dis mehks d’ gravati orbz. Ef d’ enerji cums t’ d’ alfa spehs frm sum odr fehz d’ enerji es puht en d’ gravati orbz. Deez gravatans mehk d’ orbz strungr. Dis pocis goz, t’ yewz d’ medel englic, ad infinitum. Dus d’ kip yur enerji t’ yursehlf lao. Odrwyz d’ yunevers wud b’ iten. D’ Pop es afird t’ b’ ron sa d’ Pop sehz dat wi ite d’ yunevers. Dis es d’ won tym d’ Pop huz ‘grid wit d’ scyenz (ebn ef ehts unlee tiri).

Wot iz de defunshun ov a trol?

The best lack all conviction
The worst are full of passionate intensity.