Arabic Diary Found At Southern Border- Why?

According to this (yes, I know it’s, but this article seems truthful), an Arabic diary was found on the southern US border. What does this mean? Was there a young Arab escaping oppression in somewhere like Iraq, say, a Chaldean Christian, or was this a terrorist, using an allegedly lax border to sneak into the US?

Anyone who reads Arabic- what can you decipher from the small image of the text?

it could be urdu

Maybe it’s just belongs to some girl that was taking a shortcut home from school.

Honestly, I found a note in Ukrainian on the street the other day. Does that mean the Ukrainians are secretly sailing into Santa Cruz as part of their bid to take over the world? No, it probably just means some Ukrainian kid had a hole in his backpack.


Maybe a Mexican Moslem was practicing his Arabic so he could better understand the Koran, and lost his backpack sneaking across the border.

Maybe an INS agent who thought that he was studing Spanish to go under cover was really studying urdu and lost his backpack.

Maybe George Bush PLANTED it there to stir up pro-war sentiments.


Nah, the peace niks planted it to stir up pro-pro-war…or is it anti-pro-war…wait a minute…

Or maybe a Bill O´Reilly ploy to get the troops stationed on the border.

I apologize for a piqued curiousity.

It was planted by Jesse Jackson who wants to be able to go back to Baghdad under the guise of " Look, Here I Am Am another world function, neener, neener, neener."