Aragog's children invade North Texas

I don’t think I’m going to be going to Lake Tawakoni anytime soon


That’s cool! I wonder if I could get some of them to set up a screen between the swamp at the back of my property and the barns and house?

blondebear mentioned this over in a thread in Cafe Society. I saw, I looked, I regretted it.

Between this, the humongous cockroaches, and the summers full of high heat and high humidity, I’m thinking I’m probably not going to be visiting Texas. Ever.

Don’t forget the fire ants, ticks, and mosquitoes.

Once you step in a fire ant nest, you forget all about the ticks and mosquitoes.

That is SO COOL!!!

Don’t forget tornadoes. You wouldn’t want to miss those. Or maybe, if you’re sane, you would.

The pride Texas takes in the number electrocutees has generally been my favorite argument against visiting.

Here’s the 3000x2000 pixel version of the photo in the article:

With a little resizing, great wallpaper. :smiley:

I posted another thread on this topic because I didn’t find this one in a search. You know why?

Even though this thread is about SPIDERS, not one of the posts in this thread mentions SPIDERS even once!

Well, guess what? It does now! :smiley:

Oh, it gets much better. Texas also has flooding. The fire ants form giant balls and float around on the floodwater. I’ve seen islands of them that were 15 feet across.

Links not for the squeamish:

Here’s a small version of floating ants.
What fire ants can do.