Archbishop performs exorcism to cleanse protest site

In a nutshell, the statue of Father Serra, the guy credited with bringing Catholicism to the west coast, was torn down by protesters. Apparently, they had issues with the way the good Father mistreated Native Americans for not drinking the Koolaid.

So, the Archibishop gathered 150 followers into the church where the statue was toppled and exorcised the site. Consensus has it that the ritual was more for a ceremonial purpose, like when new land is about to be used for religious purposes. “Bless this land, evil spirits begone, yadayadayada.” However, I’m pretty sure some enterprising priests saw this as an opportunity to scare their worshippers straight by portraying the protesters as evil and servants of the devil.

This quote at the end made me LOLWHUT?

Blockquote "Cordileone said prayers in Latin, remarking that “the experts in the field tell me that Latin tends to be more effective against the devil because he doesn’t like the language of the church.”

I can just envision Ol’ Scratch screaming “Argggh! I can’t stand Latin! I’m leaving!”

Time to start speaking in Latin to the Cheeto-in-Chief. Pretty sure Stephen Colbert can do that, good ol’ catlicker boy and all.

Worked on me in high school. I took the easy way out and had four years of German instead.

You know who else is a good Catholic boy?

Yep. I would trust him too. I’m sure he’ll do a full circuit of the White House blessing the place the afternoon of Jan 20th. It will sure need it.

At the risk of Godwinizing, you learned the language of Hitler!

I took a year of Latin. I thought it was much easier than Spanish.