Archer - Did you see the sunrise?

Did anyone catch the absolutely beautiful Magnum P.I. call-back on last night’s episode of Archer? These guys continue to amaze me. That episode was 26 years ago, and they nailed it perfectly.

Loved that scene, but didn’t recognize the reference.

YouTube to the rescue!

Archer is awesome, and that episode was a triumph. I loved Archer doing a “Family Feud” parody whilst interrogating the Irish.

Over at the AVClub people are saying it is heading toward a third season renewal :slight_smile:

Man, that’s obscure. Though given the general tone of the Magnum PI episodes, i imagine that scene was a controversial big deal in its day.

And I thought Seth McFarlane liked to make obscure TV references…

The last two episodes have been incredible.

I didn’t catch the reference either, but that episode was the best of the season so far. I think a big part of the humor is the juxtaposition between Archer as kind of a goofy doofus but also as an incredibly bad-ass spy, so when he breaks out with the spy ass-kicking while still being doofy, hilarity ensues. The moments I laughed the hardest were when he was blowing people away. The Family Feud bit was genius.

I don’t know about controversial, but certainly shocking. My Mom cried when Thomas shot Ivan.

I didn’t think it was obscure at all BTW. I must be old. Though that 2 parter was probably in the top 10, if not the Number 1, episode of the entire run. Tne boys in the tiger cages, Ivan shooting Cookie - “Stick your finger in the hole!” - TC going slowly nuts, Higgins actually being kind to Thomas.

Agree that it’s great when Archer is a super spy. At first I thought it was just going to be a dirty remake of “Get Smart”, but Archer is an excellent agent.

I’ve seen some Magnum PI, but I was probably about 2 when that episode aired, and I never saw it as a rerun.

Archer is my spirit guide. Mama has been, ‘on a rampage’ since last Thursday.

Didn’t recognize the Magnum reference but loved the episode anyway. Especially his rampage scenes and Lana being high.

I just watched it- very good episode.