Whenever I come to the Straight Dope homepage I always go to the archives to catch up on what I’ve missed. In doing this I noticed that the message says “Catch up on what you missed.” Shouldn’t that be “Catch up on what you’ve missed” or did I miss an English lesson? Can someone verify what I’m saying?

Yup, you’re right.

Thank you!

Little Ed writes the blurbs and is not entirely to be relied on, but in this case he can’t be faulted. “You missed” is past tense. “You’ve missed” is past perfect. Either is acceptable in this context.

Anything you say, Mr. Adams.

(Pssst - fftoreality, I still think it’s a poor construction.)

Oh… Oh God… it’s HIM!!! It’s Cecil Adams!!!

touching the screen

Sorry… this is the first post from Unca Cece I’ve ever seen. It’s kind of a special moment for me.

Cave Diem! Carpe Canem!

Yes correct your right… :slight_smile:

Correct my right what?

I’m glad to see my little comment got a reaction from the master. I feel so proud that he would take the time to react. Wow

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