Archiving magazines

OK, so this isn’t a profound question probing the mysteries of the universe, but I could really use some help from the collective wisdom of the TM. I have a bunch of old magazines that I use from time to time as reference. However, they don’t sit on the shelf very well. They tend to slide around, and plop onto the floor at every opportunity. I remember my old college library had binders … or boxes or something … for archiving their vast collection of old mags. Where could I find such things? (Short of going to homecoming and ripping off the campus library that is.)

You can have your loose magazines binded into hardcover books for a small price at various places. Depending on your personal preferences, this might be better than just using binders. You can check with your local library and ask them who they employ to do this job…

You can get magazine boxes at any office supply store. Look near the cardboard storage boxes in your nearest Staples.

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