Archiving the old posts

Shouldn’t we have a seperate archived forum for the extra pages to increase load time? I’ve noticed that in most other forums they load much faster because only a limited amount of posts are on the board.


By “archived forum” you mean a forum with only locked, archived threads?

What extra pages?

This sounds like you want to increase load time. “Let’s add a forum to increase load time”. Huh?

Right, the shorter the thread, the faster it loads. So, what, you want to have all subsequent pages of all multiple page threads be put into a separate forum? So if I want to look at Page 5 of Crunchy Frog’s Welcome Wagon, I’d have to go to the Extra Page Forum and load it from there? You don’t think that would make an uncomfortable break in the conversational continuity? You’d forget what you were going to say while you were sitting there waiting for the Forum, and then the Welcome Wagon thread, and then Page 5, to load.

Ok, I meant decrease load time:)

I was just noticing that there are 80 pages on the Great debates. If say all posts that haven’t been replied to in 30 days go into a seperate forum then the loading time wouldn’t be so long for everything.

would be the type I am talking about. Theres a seperate “archive” forum. Notice the fact that anything on the SD takes about 10 minutes to load. Anything on that is about instant.

On the home page for each forum you have the option, on the right, just above the thread listing, to set how far back you want vB to look (Show threads from:______); set it to “the last day.”

There’s plenty of sites that are faster than us, but it’s not necessarily a fair comparison: There’s few message boards on the Web as big as we are, and some of them probably have better servers than we, as well (not that we’re jealous or anything… OK, I admit it, so we are jealous).

Anyway, vBulletin doesn’t support an archive feature as smoothly as does UBB, and allegedly, it doesn’t need it. What that means, I guess, is that even if we did something like that, the board would still be just as slow. Bummer.

Asmodean, if you’re still interested, there are a couple of things you can do to speed up loading time.

First, do like Beatle said and change your “Show threads from” setting to either “Last Day” or “5 days”. I have mine set on 5 days and it’s a noticeable improvement. You can change it in your Profile–Default Thread View, down towards the bottom, so you don’t have to click on it at the top of the forum every time you load a forum.

Also, I have IE5 and Win95, and I can tell IE not to show pictures. Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, scroll down to Multimedia and unclick Show Pictures. Lots of times, if Show Pictures is set, the page will just hang there, while it finishes loading the graphics. I don’t CARE about the graphics, but it won’t give me the page.

Archiving of old material is crucial to maintaining the Ultimate Bulletin Board system.

However, we have not been on UBB since April 28, 2000.

Since that time we have been on the VBulletin software.

We do not need to archive older material with vB. We’re fine as we are. Archiving old posts would not make the system load any faster.

your humble TubaDiva