Are 12 babies given to wrong parents daily worldwide?

12 newborns will be givin to the wrong parents daily.

“It is has been reported by different studies that 100,000 to 500,000 newborns are accidentally switched at birth every year – and given to wrong parents! According to the 1998 Edition of the Tanderberg Report, (an annual medical study by sociologist Dr. Morton Tanderberg, and as reported by Ann Victoria in Weekly World News, p. 22, on 9-8-98), 500,000 or 1 out of every 8 babies born in American hospitals is sent home with the wrong parents. In many cases, these oversights are caught and corrected within a few days and the babies are returned to their mothers. But on the other end of the scale, Dr. Tanderberg says that in some overcrowded facilities, particularly in large metropolitan areas like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the number of switched babies could be considerably higher – possibly as high as 3 out of 8”

Is this really true?

Did your source seriously cite the World Weekly News? How many out of 8 babies are actually bat babies?

I think you know that this is very unlikely. Most hospitals have a fairly rigorous process of immediately tagging newborns after birth. And although it may seem like babies look all the same, I think most parents who got a good look would notice a completely different baby in their arms.

Both of my kids, born at different hospitals, were tagged within seconds of birth with tags that were verified before and after birth by both me and my wife. I’m pretty sure that they are both mine.

But it has been reported! It has been reported!

I didn’t even notice that the cite is from a World Weekly News article published in 1998. You know, back before they cleaned up their act and won all those Pulitzers.