Are a lot of liberals mad about Guantanamo--and showing it?

This is intended as a GQ question.

Are there a lot of examples of people who likely voted for Obama now expressing disapproval of his Guantanamo turnaround?

Yes. I know lots from personal experience and pretty much any liberal commentator you choose is at least disappointed by it. Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald to name two. But I’d say “disappointment” is a good characterization of the feeling in general - I wouldn’t say that, in general, there’s a furious backlash over it yet, although a lot of liberals individually do feel that way.

I know this MB isn’t representative of the US in general, but If you comb through some of the GD threads on the subject, I don’t think you’ll find any liberals who are happy with Obama about this. Obama pretty much has his hands tied since Congress won’t authorize funds to move the prisoners elsewhere.

They’re not happy about it, but I think most of them realize that Obama is being cockblocked by Congress. As to any kind of backlash, it won’t affect how they vote in 2012. It’s not like any of the Republican candidates are going to say they’ll close Guantanamo.

The only political “backlash” he might get is from other Democrats running against him the primaries. That is, if there are any running against him in the primaries…

I think the opposition was to GW Bush. In Chicago for instance, we had rallies every single Saturday on Milwaukee Ave, “Get out of Iraq,” “Get out of Afghanistan,” “Get out of Guantanamo.” The Saturday after Mr Obama was elected they stopped. Not after he was inaugurated but merely elected they stopped. I haven’t seen any since. So what happened?

It wasn’t a real issue, it was a dig at GW Bush. Mr Obama could get rid of Guantanamo and had two years where he had a Democratic congress behind him. He didn’t want to plain and simple.

Politics is essentially, make a bunch of promises you know darn well you can’t keep, and when someone calls you out on it, blame the opposition part for stonewalling you.

And to be fair, it’s not just Mr Obama, the Republicans do it to. This is why nothing rarely gets done. Because people accept this excuse from their elected officials, “I tired.”

As Homer Simpson says, “Try? Anyone can try, I want you to win.”


Those are not factual statements, but your own personal opinion.

Well, the answer to that is “Get some sleep and get back to it in the morning!” :slight_smile:

Otherwise, yeah, count me as someone who is disappointed but not really mad. Frankly, there are a whole bunch of things I am madder with him about than this.

As far as GQ style statistics on the issue go, I have no idea, but does anyone? Maybe there are poll results somewhere.

I don’t remember a lot of liberals saying “get out of Afghanistan” during the GWB admin.

But remember, Bush isn’t the asshole who didn’t get us out of Iraq, he’s the asshole who got us in in the first place. Obama’s dilemma is that it’s tougher to get out than to not get in. And he did draw down troops in Iraq.

What I want to know is, what do Republicans–who tend to characterize Obama as as far left as you can get–make of all the criticism Obama is getting from the left?

Fact: Massive protest to Gitmo when Bush was president.
Fact: Almost nobody protests when Obama is president.
Fact: the only difference between the previous two facts is the president.
Conclusion: the protest was not about Gitmo. It was about Bush.

I await your review to point out any factual or logical errors.

Over two years with Obama in power and it’s still Bush’s Fault. And BUSH is the asshole? :rolleyes:

What dilemma? Kindly tell me what’s more difficult about “I’m ending our involvement on xx/xx/xx” as opposed to weeks/months of getting support from Congress and promises of military involvement from our allies plus continuing that support.

What I want to know is which Republicans characterize Obama like that. And what criticism from the left? As far as I can tell, most on the left are just “disappointed”. Some criticism. The only reaction comparable to that towards Bush is from the true lunatic fringe, like Code Pink and Cindy Sheehan and Dennis Kucinich. At least they’re true to their principles, unlike some others on the left. Crazy, but principled.

The non factual part referred to an opinion about Obama’s ability to shut down Gitmo. Obama cannot do that without Congress. Bush drove the car into the ditch and now Congress won’t let Obama pull it out.

I freely admit that I could be wrong, but can you provide a cite for there being a massive protest about Gitmo when Bush was President?

For what it’s worth, I’ve posted on several occasions that President Obama is wrong for having failed to close down the detention centers at Guantanamo - if Congress is dragging its feet, he should be forcing the issue. I’ll admit I haven’t been marching in the streets over this but I wasn’t marching when Bush was President either.

…and then there’s the issue of what to do with the prisoners after closing Guantanamo…

Did that ever get decided? There’s no point in closing the place if you don’t have that sorted out.

There weren’t massive protests against Gitmo that I ever noticed, more mild embarrassment from most Americans over getting publicly caught torturing people.

I take it you don’t listen to anyone on the Left very much, and no, the Democrats are not the Left; they are mostly conservatives. And Obama isn’t left wing either, he’s also conservative. The Left (what there is of it) hates Gitmo, hates Obama and tends to look at him at little different than Bush.

Maybe because they expected him to close Guantanamo and hence the protests were no longer needed. Now it is clear that he wants to but cannot, not least because no state will accept the prisoners, and thus there is no real need to protest him.

What would be an interesting experiment would be for Obama to say “I am closing down Guantanamo on <date>. If you guys haven’t agreed where to put them on US soil then they will go free.” Probably political suicide, but it’d be interesting.