Are adult movies ever close-captioned?

I’d imagine it would be a pretty easy job…I mean, typing “Oooo” and “Ahhh” all day wouldn’t be that hard.

I don’t think so, but this thread should be close captioned. It would read:

“I will post a silly thing. Therein I will mention adult movies and make juvenile references to coital exclamations.”

“If you do that too much, you’ll go deaf!” is not the threat I remember.


The answer is:

  1. Yes.

  2. I should know, because I’ve done it.

Mind you, this is adult movies on cable and video. The technology exists to close-caption movies in the theater, though I doubt it’s been done.

No, because it’s hard to type with only your left hand .

I would think that deaf people could actually lip read what the actors are truely uttering and not what the sound track is making it seem like they are say. Things like “stop that you idiot!” and “finish already”.

In operas, a line or phrase is often repeated for the music’s sake. The subtitles just say the line once, while the duet onstage sings “I am very happy, very happy,… very happy, I am very happy to be in this opera.”

It could be the same for p0 r N. Subtitles for three minutes of dialogue would say,“Oh! (moans) Yes! (moans)”

How about dubbed for the foreign market? I’d enjoy voicing over the actor while he’s doing it. Maybe the studio would even actually provide an, er, “assistant” to work you over while you’re dubbing. All for art’s sake, naturally.

Do they also close caption the accompanying sounds?

“Squilch, squilch, sorkle, sorkle, plap, plap, plap”

Only the lines that are essential to the plot, like “Did somebody order a pizza?”

I’ve seen minimal English subtitles on some of the movies coming from the European-based Private Film label.

There was usually a line or two of exposition followed by frequent use of phrases like “Oh God” and “You filthy bitch.”

You may be amused to know that an often-stated lament that I’ve seen many, many times on Deaf message boards is that there are no ‘Deaf porn films’. In other words, nobody has ever made an ASL porn film.

ROTFLMAO! :smiley: That would make an excellent sig line for someone.

I don’t think all deaf people can read lips, though. I was under the impression that it’s an acquired skill.

I work for a major subtitling company in the US that does both subtitling and closed captioning. We have never done an adult film in the 2 years I’ve been with the company. I suspect adult-filmmakers have their own subtitiling/captioning resources within their own production companies, or the subtitles/captioning are added when the films air on television.

Most of the sounds of porn would not be subtitled, but for captioning, I think the most they’d do is [moaning].

I suppose porn would be close-captioned, not closed-captioned… :slight_smile:

Do they do the subtitles in different languages?
English: I’m coming!
French: Je viens!
Esperanto: Mi ĉuras!

I would imagine that lip reading isn’t usually possible since either the camera isn’t focused on the actors’/actresses’ faces

or when it is, their mouths are full.

As a frequent viewer of oriental adult movies, I have seen both subtitled and dubbed films. I suppose subtitling is helpful if one wished to follow the plot in some of the more elaborate setups.

I’ve never seen one where the dubbing was very helpful for anything.

Heh. Or you could just try acting. Actually, there’s an early scene in the film Jésus de Montréal where you see a team dubbing a porno into a different language (though not so much the porno itself). Yes, in a film about Jesus.

I’ve seen some softcore movies with closed captioning. I tend to keep the CC function enabled on my television all the time, as I can then keep the volume down and still follow what’s going on. I have noticed, though, that when there’s moaning and such, the caption usually just reads something like, “[sounds of pleasure]”.