Are all analysts anal?

As someone who, as one of my many professional roles, analyzes things, I wonder about the similarity between the type of person who is - typically - an analyst, and the type of behavior or personality typically called “anal.”
Or am just being anal about this?

You can’t spell Analyst without A-N-A-L.

If analysts are anal, do rectalysts just get down to the bottom of things?


Good point Plan Man

For a while I have been thinking
“why isnt there a profession called oralyst?”

::Statistical Analyst enters the room::

While I don’t find your post objectionable, I must interject that your use of the term “similarity” does not do much to elucidate quantitative enumerations of the phenomenon. My findings demonstrate that, based on standardized definitions of “anal” vis-a-vis “anal retentive”, 73.2 % of persons in jobs classified as “analyst” may be considered “anal”. Research backs this claim.

Further, normalized samples drawn from populations of all workers/non-analysts, demonstrate that 64.8% may be considered anal. Pooling the variances of the two groups because of nonsimilar group size and taking the harmonic mean for Standard Error of Measurement for the “anal” scale measuring device, the t-statistic for this difference is not outside of statistical chance, with a p value of .08.

So there! :slight_smile:

I believe you may have failed to consider workers whose jobs maybe fundamentally analytical but are not so classified.

Further, I would expect a definition of what analytical is in the context of work.

Are you serious? 'Cause I wasn’t.
At any rate, it is nice to see that you know your way around statistics. (I guess that it’s sorta required in your line of work.)

[sub]For those of you who didn’t get it, I mentioned that a statistical analyst entered the discussion and then began a rather anal and statistical argument as to why analysts aren’t anal.[/sub]

No…all analysts are not anal.

I mean, come on!
Are all instrumentalists instrumental?
Are all catalysts cattle?
Are all fatalists fatal?
Are all columnists…

you know, please let’s stay away from generalizations because they are all false.

Awww you spoiled the game.

Barely literate but sufficient.

Coulda kept it going too!

Coll, your subtlety is strong; mine is…weak. Now I know why I am “grasshopper”. I bow down.

[sub]Read this aloud, moving your lips a fraction of a second before producing sound.[/sub]

Anal Fight!