Are American Idol Contestants Forbidden from Singing CCM (Contemporary Christian Musi

Last week’s theme was “Inspirational Songs.” You would think that, Brooke White being a devout Christian and all, she (and/or maybe one of the other contestants) would sing something from the world of Contemporary Christian Music. No one did.

Then, thinking back to last season, neither did Mandisa, who is now forging a career in gospel music. Cite.

Does something about Idol’s rules forbid songs from certain genres?

I have never seen AI, so take this for what it is worth.

I heard some people on the radio discussing the song selection process. Apparently, AI has a big list for each show and the contestants select three songs then AI makes the final selection. Also, one of the people, who was some kind of AI expert, said that sometimes AI does not approve of any the three songs, despite being on the list, and just assigns whatever the producers want.

Didn’t someone sing Jesus, Take the Wheeeeeeel last season?

Three days ago, the whole group sang Shout to the Lord.