Are any of the Doc Savage stories available as e-books?

And if not, why not?

Reading the thread about the passing of author Ron Goulart, and then looking him up on Wikipedia, it appears he was one of many writers using the name “Kenneth Robeson”. Which reminded me of my early teen years when I was a huge Doc Savage fan. I owned several of the paperbacks and had access to many more through both my school and public libraries.

From what I’ve read, Bantam did eventually publish all 181 stories. (At the time I was reading them, they had published about eighty-something of them.) I see paperbacks for sale on the internet but I’m not interested in paying collector’s prices to (re)read the stories. But it would be fun to go back and read some if they were available as e-books.

Side question - many of these stories were written back in the 30’s. Are they public domain yet, or getting close?

There are a bunch on

Oh awesome, thanks! There goes my weekend!