Are any of you planning on using the Netflix settlement?

It’s here if you’re interested.


Wow, you mean that for amonth I can get 4 movies at home at one time instead of only three? Gee that’s a huge incentive.

Nope. As soon as I saw option 3, “do nothing,” I thought, that’s for me!

I don’t know why somebodyd doesn’t sue Netflix over something worthwhile, like not having even one copy of Broken Arrow. As you may guess it’s not gonna be me.

Meh, with the version I subscribe to, I can rent as many movies in a month as I can cycle through, one DVD out at a time. I’m trying to figure out how this benefits me.

Clarification - the morning news screwed up on their reporting and just said you get one free movie rental; I just checked the link and saw the policy. Under this, we’d upgrade to “two DVDs at a time” for a month but since we’ve let Netflix DVDs sit around for anywhere from a couple days to a month before watching them, it’s not useful for us.

Nope, it’d be nice enough but although we are legally members of the class action, we feel satisfied with the service we’ve received, and as such don’t care to benefit from the settlement.

Naw. I don’t subscribe to Netflix because I watch tons of movies. I subscribe because I like not having to rush to get them back.

Yep. Already signed up.

I signed up. I’ve been a subscriber for over a year. The service has run slow for me from time to time. I assume that was due to growing pains for a new company. So, I’ll enjoy the 6 dvds at a time for a month. Hopefully, it will be a month that isn’t a huge sports month.

I just moved from Denver, Colorado to the tiny town of Port St Joe, Florida, and Netflix delivery has been one of the few smooth aspects of our transition. I was expecting the worst, but we still have only a two day turnaround, which amazes me.
I won’t sign up for the settlement; I am one who subscribes for the hassle-free delivery and return of the movies.

No way. The long form notice says:

I know myself too well…the two or three extra DVDs I’d get would in no way offset the fact that I’ll forget to cancel the upgrade and end up paying more. This is how “free offers” get me and absent-minded people like me all the time. Not worth it.

Heck, if I was Netflix, I’d not pay laywers to fight the lawsuit and offer this to all my customers anyway, as a “courtesy month” or some such crap. They’re bound to rake it in for a month until people remember to cancel.

I’ll just set a notice on my Outlook calendar for ~30 days later.

I always was a little annoyed by how slow my movies came, and I’m an urban dweller. I use Blockbuster now, mainly because it took so long for movies to come with netflix, that I’d usually end up renting anyway, and the Blockbuster online gives you 2 free movie rentals a month. It’d just be a pain in the ass to startup Netflix again just for the settlement.

I was thinking about it. I was a subscriber from way back until just a couple years ago. Have been thinking of returning recently. This may just be the perfect excuse.

Onion headline!

“Area man sues video-rental company because of one stupid movie.”

I do, and I plan to time my participation to coincide with my vacation when I’ll have time to actually watch the movies.

I haven’t had any problems with my service, so there is a point about should I take advantage of the settlement, but on the other hand as was pointed out, it’s not exactly onerous since they might well offer the same thing as a promotion and come out ahead.

So, I still plan to.

You are probably now getting your DVDs from the shipping facility in Panama City. I’m in Tallahassee, and that’s where mine come from. Very fast turnaround.

[hijack] I used to live in Mexico Beach and go to school in St. Joe. Hope you’re enjoying living there, it’s a beautiful area! [/hijack]

Wow, is just the worst FAQ ever? Allow me to sum up:

Q: Do I qualify for this?
A: Go read the settlement and find out.

Q: Well, what’s the benefit?
A: I said, go read it.

Q: What do I need to do?
A: Lalalalalalalala

Q: I don’t understand.
A: Then hire a lawyer, a-hole.

No. I watch the movies so infrequently that it not an incentive at all. :frowning:

My thoughts exactly!