Are aviator eyeglasses going to come back into style?

When I think of the 70s (from what I know of it from period movies and shows like Starsky and Hutch,) I always just get this one scene in my mind that sums up everything: a room with fake wood paneling, dark green or orange carpeting, and a bunch of guys sitting around smoking cigarettes, with huge mustaches, wearing tweed suits, and huge aviator-style eyeglasses.

Obviously, aviator sunglasses are still retro-cool.

But I never see ANYONE wearing aviator eyeglasses.

Like these.

Those are some shitty looking ones but I’ve seen frames in that style that look good.

Are these gonna make a comeback?

Og forbid.

I’ve sold a few vintage Ray Ban aviator sunglasses in good shape to collectors on ebay for respectable amounts. Re coming back I don’t think they are quite here yet. They don’t fit everyone’s face shape, and don’t look all that great on women unless you’re going for a dykey policewomen type look. If you’re looking for a circa 1970’s Solider of Fortune look go for it.

They’re not in fashion? Oh oh.

Or these, to avoid the Dahmer image. :wink:

I think it depends on what you mean by ‘in style’.

I’ve been around aviation all of my life, and I’ve been wearing Aviators since the '70s. When I got glasses so I could fly, I had my Aviator lenses removed and replaced with prescription lenses. Here’s me wearing them in the late-'90s. I have several pair of Aviator shades that I wear when I.m not flying. (I’ve really got to get flying again!) They fit well under the motorcycle helmet, and they fit my face. And I like to wear HGU-4/Ps, which are also ‘aviator’ sunglasses.

I have a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers. That style seems to have been popular in the '60s, and they made a come-back in the '80s. I wear them knowing full well they’re not in style, but they go well with my straw pork pie hat and I’m a bit of an iconoclast anyway. If fashions go in cycles and it took 20 years for Wayfarers to come back, maybe Aviators are due for a comeback?

Anyway, I wear my prescription Aviators for driving at night, I keep my Wayfarers in the sunglass compartment in my car, a pair of HGU-4/Ps are usually nearby in case I need some sunglasses and I’m not wearing any, I have cheap sunglasses for kayaking (since they’ll be sprayed with salt water), and I opten wear Oakley OOs under my helmet (they fit under it better than the Aviators).

I think you can make them work if you’re actually an aviator (my grandad has been known to wear 'em), or you write techno-thrillers. (And, come to think of it, my grandfather did tell me a story about how the Soviets tried to kill him, once…)

Fake wood paneling will come back first. Then smoking. Then, and only then, tweed suits. Will any man ever again wear a matching jacket and trousers that can’t be worn to the office? I can imagine a backlash resurgence in smoking but I can’t imagine that.

I agree with many here. The sunglasses, which I sport daily, are cool without question. The eyeglasses, however, will never amount to anything again. Mark my words!

I’m here to report I saw a Foster Grant commercial the other day. This may not bode well for optical fashion.

I hope so, at least compared with the faux hipster “I am so square I am hip” fugly rectangular glasses.

The tear drop lens may make a come back but not the size that I remember wearing in the eighties, i can see terminator wrap arounds coming back before those.


When did they ever go out of “style?” I bought mine in 1982 and wear them every day.

I’ve been wearing Ray-Ban aviators since the 80’s myself. Maybe it’s because I’m an aviator, but really it’s because they have awesome optics and the small framed ones are nice and light and very durable. I have a pair of the large metal frames and a pair of the small metal frames, and both of them are over 20 years old and both still look new. I also like them because of the reasons posted in the wikipedia article - they block a lot of stray light, and the slightly bulged lenses cut down on reflections and glare.

I don’t really like the large frame version. They’re too large, too heavy, and they give you too much of that ‘Southern Sheriff’ look, if you know what I mean. At least they’re not mirrored. But the small frames are just abou the perfect sunglasses for me.

I have a pair of my late mother’s late husband’s large frame Aviators. Way too big for me. But he was like six and a half feet tall and 250 pounds. Big head.

Ray Ban had excellent customer support when they were part of Bausch & Lomb. Since they’ve been sold to Luxottica, not so much.

Gotcha beat. I still wear the pair I bought in 1976. Best sunglasses ever.

Bah, you’re all nuts. It’s Wayfarers that need to come back into style so I can buy more cheap knockoffs. I won’t pay the $125 they want at the glasses store, but those are the only sunglasses that fit my giant head.

Not SUNGLASSES, people.


The Sunglasses have never gone out of style, as far as I’m concerned. It’s much too classic – and almost conservative – a look. It’s like asking if jeans will ever come back into style.

Anyway – I have “squarish” Ray Ban aviator sunglasses with prescription lenses. Green tinted. Pretty cool.
The eyeglasses however – everything seems to come back into style eventually. it’s hard to see someone trying to pull them off right now, but they’ll be back some day.

You’re asking if high school shop teacher eyeglasses will make a comeback?

I hope not.

edit… just saw the eyeglasses thing

A recent attempt to spread the wearing of these glasses.