Are bath salts truly beneficial?

I received a gift of bath salts recently and was wondering if there are any
scientifically proven benefits of using them. Most of the info I’ve found on the 'net
about bath salts appears to be touchy-feely nonsense rather than hard facts.
So what’s the straight dope on bath salts?

(While researching this I found there is an illegal drug with the same name. Just
to make it clear, I’m referring to the stuff you would add to your bath, not the
illegal drug.)

AFAIK they just make you smell nice. They may also soften hard water. Most benefit is from the relaxing effect of a hot bath.

The good smells can be beneficial to your happiness.

If it’s really salty then that could be good for the skin, no? Like the dead sea?

I thought bath salts contain epsom salt.

Quoting the Wikipedia link:
“Bathing in a 1% solution of Epsom salts (about 500g of Epsom salts for a standard size bathtub of 60 litres) is a “a safe and easy way to increase sulfate and magnesium levels in the body””

Yes, if they contain Epsom salts, it can definitely have a real effect. Magnesium is absorbed well through the skin and it has a calming effect especially if you are magnesium deficient like many people are. It can help with sore muscles and light sprains as well. It also has some effects on your skin and hair that are immediately felt as well. You don’t need fancy bath salt formulations to get Epsom salts though. You can buy a big box of it in any pharmacy and most supermarkets for about $2. You just pour some in your bath and soak.

B]Just after Christmas**

He: How did you like the bath salts?
She: Well, they taste okay, but I don’t think they’ll take the place of a real bath.