Are black women looking better these days?

Not to start a race war, but are some black women looking good? I seen the movie Woo, Clueless, and a few others and I like what I see, Tyra banks too. Is this an interracial thing since the seventies or what?

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As for the OP, I only have two ideas that immediately come to mind. I don’t know what you are referring to as “the interracial thing”, but since beauty is very much in the eye of the beholder, I wouldn’t be surprised if people’s perception of beauty would shift as different cultures blended together. On the other hand, there is the fact that black people were and still are the targets of discrimination in our society. Since you mentioned movies, perhaps you have noticed that black people in older movies tend to be less visually appealing, even though it’s entirely likely that as many good looking black people existed back then as right now.

On a side note, I seem to recall reading somewhere the results of a survey, where people were asked to rank a list of computer generated faces. After several rounds of the survey, a somewhat pacific-islander look was determined to be the most widely appealing face. This was quite some time ago though, and I can’t remember what group of people was targeted in the survey.


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The most gorgeous woman I ever met had a Japanese mother and a Black, American father, and I’ve met a number of other men and women with Asian/Black parentage who were physically quite attractive. Heck, look at Tiger Woods. Is there something wrong with my noticing/remarking on that?

As for it being “an interracial thing since the seventies”, I doubt it. Remember that Sally Hemmings was the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson’s late wife, and that was nearly two hundred years ago. The “interracial thing” has been going on since time immemorial.

I agree with Zor that it’s probably more a matter of Black peoples’ depictions in the mass media.


“Are black women looking better these days?”

Better than what?

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I dunno about “these days” . As a white guy entering puberty in the early 60’s ( I am still a white guy BTW) I had more than a few ‘interesting’ thoughts about Lena Horne. Zor makes some good points, society in general has progressed some since the 50’s,as have we as individuals.For example, I find that ALL women are looking better these days. Of course at my age it may be desperation on my part, or it could be that my eyesight is going.

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The underlying assumption of the OP is that when black sisters look “more white” they are necessarily better looking. What horse shit. Strikingly good-looking women exist in every race, we just may be too near-sighted to appreciate.

Hey! I’m a bit of a bigot – and I’ve admitted that in past posts – but even I noted a short time ago that Black women are starting to look better. Some years back I made the observation that I could understand why so many Black men chose to date White and Asian woman instead of Black because the Black women mostly tended to be fat and mean or rail skinny and mean.

A while back, I noticed that Black girls have started working out, dropping much of the ‘Nubian Princess’ look, and taking more time to either do their hair or wear wigs. I grew real weary of spotting Black girls wearing what I termed the ‘Po Niggar’ frizzy, dusty hairstyle seen in the 1950s – especially after the Black girl singing groups of the 50s, 60s, and 70s looked so good! (There’s one Black lady singer today who wears her hair in that old Rodney King frizz style and she has a heavy face and the combination makes her look like crap.)

Now, I turn on the music channel and find hot looking Black chicks.

Now, if they could just get by the ‘high forehead’ thing and there are still lingering pockets where they do their hair in those darn slave/poverty/segrigation/po’ dusty squares.

In fact, the Black female singers are by far looking MUCH better than the average Black male singers – especially the rappers.

I like it and don’t give me that racial identity, ethnic, traditional crap either as an excuse for the old look. I used to work in large Black areas and man! there would be Black girls out there with cute faces, nasty hair, rolls of belly fat – yet not be fat – and thunder thighs mincing around like out of a 1950s Black comedy.

They’re changing and I like it.

Beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

I saw the DNFTT, but every now and then, even trolls say something with a point, even unintentionally…

I think the Pacific Islander comment is about right…

In animals, genetic mixing makes a stronger animal, mutts are better and often more attractive (unless you compare them by alist of rules, like you would with a purebred.) It makes sense this would be the same in humans.

Also, the more familiar you get with another race, via them being in the movies and in your life more, the more different they look instead of all “looking alike”. This would let you notice beauty where before you may have just noticed differences.

There was an interesting article on beauty a few months ago, either in Discover or New Scientist.

What they found was that when they digitally “averaged” many facial photos together, the result would get more and more attractive more more faces they added to the average. It turns out, the less out-of-ordinary the face is, the more conventionally attractive.

I would think that the more “crossbreeding” there is in a person’s past, the more averaged-out their face would be, and hence more attractive.

You people cannot be for real. Please tell me you are not. It seems that some of you are subscribing to the lies I was told as a child—the smarter, better looking black people had “white blood in them” and that was the only reason for their brains and beauty. Please tell me that I am misreading some of this stuff. For God’s sake, back in the fifties, black people were still being treated as second class citizens OR WORSE. They were not allowed to attend “good” schools or to live in “good” neighborhoods. They were not allowed to hold “good” jobs else they might get “uppity.” They were forced to work for peanuts, if they were allowed to work at all. They had no money left over with which to buy quality make up or stylish clothes. Hell, they were not even allowed to shop in “good” shops. Now, after all these years, they are “lookin good?” I had thought we were past all that but I guess I am naive.

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