Are blue jeans actually more comfortable than denim of other colors?

We’re having another one of those charity events where you get a “Casual Day Pass” for making a donation. As I was walking over to buy some more days, it struck me that all my blue jeans seem to be noticeably more comfortable than all my black ones. And they’re all the same brand and size. Granted, there can be significant variances even within a single size, and I have some pairs that are slightly tighter and others that are slightly looser. But regardless, any of the blue pairs is more comfortable than any of the black ones.

What gives? Is this just a figment of my imagination, due to the fact that I prefer the way blue jeans look? Or is there actually a difference in the way the denim is finished? For the record, they’re all straight-legged Levi’s, mostly 501’s but also including a couple of 505’s (like 501’s except they have a zipper instead of a button fly).

I’ve actually noticed the same thing, in the past. But, in my case, they were different “models”, so I figured it wasn’t a valid comparison. They were the same brand, though.

Just a WAG, but the blues seem to get worn more often, so they get more “broken-in.”

I’ve got black 501s that have been worn a lot and faded away to medium gray that are quite comfy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it’s a question of how often I wear them. In a typical week, I’ll wear black ones four days, because we’re really not supposed to wear jeans at my office; yet I get by with black ones, as do many others. Then we have casual Friday and the weekend, when it’s usually blue jeans all the way. So I probably wear the black ones more, if anything.

I’d never noticed it before, but my blues are a LOT more comfortable than my blacks. Hmm.

My blue jeans are more comfortable than my black jeans, but I would guess it has to do with wearing them more often, like gotpasswords said.