Are charges/threats of perjury anywhere near as common in real life as they're made out to be on TV?

One thing that seems to come up a lot on any remotely legal-type TV show is the issue of perjury. You’re committing perjury! You’re gonna be charged with perjury! PERJURY!!! I’m even watching a show right now (Bates Motel) where one of the characters is actually doing hard prison time for perjury.

My gut instinct is that in reality, people probably lie under the sacred oath of the court quite often. Yet actually charging and pursuing people for the crime of perjury is probably uncommon, at least compared to how TV makes it seem. But I have no practical experience to back that up, it’s just a hunch.

People who have real-world experience in the legal realm, what is reality like?

There are various perjury statistics in here (PDF) and they combine it as perjury, contempt and intimidation in one stat. Regardless of which line you look at the rate is very low (like 0.1 - 0.3%) of crimes prosecuted. The majority of those plea guilty and only a relative few go to trial.