Are Christians lousy lovers?

It appears so. Selfish bastards! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Now someone in that congregation has to know how bad that sounds!

Apparently they’re all a bunch of rabid vegesexuals.




Okay Dave…just what were you looking for when you found that page?


Faith is obviously a very willing young lady…

Yikes! Yet another reason clowns are scary.

In answer: i wouldn’t know.

Oh, I don’t know. I hear them go on and on about the second coming.

I can’t believe you guys missed it.

Right at the top:

“Cumming First United Methodist”

CFUMC… Looks vaguely dirty. Then I looked at the map.

They are in Cumming, GA. Close to Ball Ground, GA.


Vidi Vici Veni!

This site was listed in a Brunching Shuttlecocks feature. The web’s hottest sites, or something like that. There were a few of them with URLs that you’d think would be sexual, but the site isn’t.” That’s my favorite, I think.

My guess is that this denomination does not believe in the rapture. <Nudge, nudge, wink, wink> I’m also guessing that at least some members of the congregation feel a bit Left Behind.

You asked “Are Christians bad lovers”? To which I answer:

Horny Catholic Boys. Oh yes.

Well, damn. That utterly beats the picture I took of Fee Fee Baptist Church while I was visiting Crunchy Frog..
[sub]Heh. Fee Fee. That’s just so friggin’ FUNNY!

The only citation I can find on the internet at the moment is a cemetery record, but we’ve always been mightly amused around here at the Beaver Lick Christian Church.

But Catholic girls are so repressed. Once you’re in, watch out. Those plaid skirts and maryjanes with white socks. Grrrrr!

I especially like Mormon guys, the ones who come in pairs… there’s always one ugly one and one cute one… my roommate engages in theological debate with the ugly one, but i just seduce the cute one… :slight_smile: Oooh, I’m goin’ to the Outer Darkness.