Are college proffessors a bunch of perverts or something?

Why else are they requiring student at the University of South California to give their sexual histories? LINK

From the story:
“A mandatory online course for students at the University of California (USC) orders them to disclose how many sexual partners they’ve had and other personal details about their sexual history.”

What is with these sex obsessed college professors anyways?

The personal questions have been removed from the class.

This sounds like a bad idea that folded when the light of day hit it.

As a college student, I would’ve answered, “None of your goddamn business” to all of them. Even if they were asked today, I’d give that answer, actually.

Cite that there is a higher rate of sexual deviance in college professors than in any other line of work?

The survey referenced in your link was obviously not well thought out in how it would come across, but it’s not like it was a survey connected to a class that had nothing to do with sex. Headlines are making it sound like it was connected to the admissions process or some random course. It was actually connected to a course dealing with sexual consent on campus.

This professor is an idiot. this violates privacy laws, and probably several Federal laws (anti discrimination). This professor can kiss his/her tenure farewell…it’s off to some junior college!

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