Are common household cleaners "food grade" by default?

I’m talking name brands such as Mr. Clean, Windex and Formula 409. I’ve found the MSDS sheets for these products but nowhere do I see the word “food grade”. If they are not, how can I know whether a particular cleaner is “food grade” or not?

I am particularly looking for a good degreasing cleaner. I remember in the shop we used to have a gallon pump bottle of Gojo Hand Cleaner, which quickly removed every trace of engine grease and oil from your hands and was not irritating. A food grade version of that would be ideal.

I assume that dish detergents like Dawn are food grade since they are expected to come into contact with eating surfaces, but I’m not sure that these would be effective in tackling a truly nasty greasy job like scrubbing down a deep fat fryer.

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