Are Deaf children eligible for the national spelling bee?

Its distracting that whoever invented glossing chose to use English words. Think of it this way: If they had chosen to represent signs using 4-digit number sequences or dits and dashes like morse code or Braille, the content of the glossed sentence would be the same.

Well, what I mean is, I’m not studying interpreting, I’m not a Deaf studies major, I don’t need it for work, school, or my home life. I’m learning it because it interests me to learn it. I have Deaf friends, but I made most of them after I started classes. It wasn’t something I need for my social life.

That said, when set about to learn something I try to learn it correctly and find the best quality instruction available. In this case I wanted to improve my fingerspelling and numbers because they were well behind my signing. I found the community college coursework for interpreters to be the best option considering I can get 12 weeks, 2 hrs/wk, with a Deaf instructor, for $115, and its open to non degree students as long as they test in. I don’t care about glossing, but its in the curriculum, so… bonus I guess.

Yes, by “meaning” I meant under the terms I was using.

Your motivations and situation in learning ASL match mine exactly. I am debating/agonizing (what else?) with myself whether to attend the ASL program a La Guardia Community college, which is the only school in the city that has a feeder program to their granting of an interpreter certificate (not the national one). I’ve taken classes eons ago, and am now lucky enough to get private lessons.

Your analogy of a music score is a good one, and ironic in an interesting way for me, particularly given our shared interests and motivations. I was a professional musician–a pianist and conductor no less; I often recall (good and badf) habits, practicing, and performative techniques, the physical training and communication of meaning/understanding through hand and gesture.

I wonder if we know each other. The class I’m in is at Laguardia. Previously I went to Sign Language Center. Do you ever attend the Union Square or Tribeca Meetups? If you’re not, you’re really missing out. If you do, we probably know each other. :slight_smile:

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