Are Democrats More Generous Than Republicans?

Domino’s Pizza Drivers Think So

Maybe Republican wallets a just too light from RNC soft money donations.

Maybe its that Dean supporters are rich liberal idealists that what a communist in power so the government can make everything better…

They probably feel bad for the Pizza delivery guy… and think that the government should run pizza deliveries… make it more efficient… like the post office or something…

It could be called the Department for Hot and Fresh Delivery.

Not in the slightest! The Pubbies are much more aware of the corrupting influence of money and power, they are concerned that thier fellow citizens be exposed to as little of its toxic effects as possible. Rather like smallpox: when one’s soul is already scarred and pocked, more exposure to the pathogen is harmless, but it can have dreadful consequences for the innocent.

This is why it’s so terribly funny that Bush calls himself a “compassionate conservative.” He wants to distinguish himself from regular old conservatives, who we must assume typically lack compassion.

Ahh… yes… of course… compassion… otherwise known as the redistribution of wealth, or having government steal money from you to support lazy people who dont want to work

Welcome to the boards FuzzyWuzzy06, it is always good to have a voice that can so eloquently represent the conservative view. Come back often!

Boy, talk about jumping to ridiculous conclusions.

A: Not all Democrats are Dean supporters.

B: Generosity involves more than merely tipping delivery boys.

C: Washington, DC is hardly the place to be if you want representative samplings of the two parties.

Are there any Wash DC driveways containing cars with Bush bumper stickers?

Perhaps a similar poll should be taken in “The OC”.:slight_smile:

Wow, what a super scientific poll!!!


I can make an argument for BOTH sides:

Democrats are more generous pizza tippers because they know that the delivery guy has been kept down by the white man/religious right/Republicans/etc. They feel sorry that the poor guy has to live in a society where he has to work hard day in and day out and probably doesn’t even have health insurance because we’re the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn’t have socialized medicine. He’s probably making minimum wage and working 10 hours a day, yet he’ll never make it because he wasn’t born into an aristrocratic family. Poor guy. They tip more out of pity: their big tip just might be the only bright spot in the poor deliveryman’s bleak day. Heaven knows his pathetic little working class life doesn’t have anything else good going for it.

Republicans are more likely to tip big because they respect the deliveryman because he is out there busting his ass and isn’t on welfare. They recognize that his pay might be low, but he’s not lazy and they want to reward his hard work: maybe if he gets positive reinforcement for doing his job he won’t quit his job and go on the welfare rolls. Plus many Republicans are religious and thus believe you reap what you sow: tip big and God will reward you somehow.

FWIW, I don’t think it makes much difference. I’d be much more likely to say tipping is divided among gender lines: every waiter or waitress I’ve ever known says women are HORRIBLE tippers.

I’m not sure why you focused on the democrat paragraph. It seems much more interesting that nudists are more generous than pajama wearing fuddy duddies.

In my own experience, as my views changed from Dem. to Rep. as I moved through my 20’s, I became more generous. My reasoning was this: As a somewhat left-leaning democrat in my early 20’s, I believed it was the government’s responsibility to care for the “needy”. So, if I saw a person who likely needed financial help, I made up my mind to vote in ways that would help him (but kept all my money, figuring that someday I’d be contributing by paying the higher taxes that my voting would bring about)

As I became more conservative, I came to the realization that if I no longer accepted the fact that the government’s function was to feed and clothe the people, then I had to accept some of that responsibility for myself. I began donating money to causes and to individuals, volunteering and helping out in other ways.

Now, however, I’m moving away from the Republican party, as I don’t feel that Pres. Bush is a conservative in the small government, balanced budget sense. (I don’t believe in tax and spend, but cutting taxes and increasing taxes doesn’t make sense either). I’ve registered as a Democrat for the first time in ages, and feel I can support a centrist Democrat like Lieberman or Clark. I don’t believe this will change my feelings and actions with respect to ‘generosity’.

Depends on how you define “democrat” and “republican.”

From my old political science classes, I once defined “Democrat” as “member of a political party that thinks government should be used as a tool to fix social ills,” and “Republican” as “member of a political party that thinks government sucks and should be kept as small and weak as possible, while other organizations pick up the slack.”

In recent years, though, it seems the definitions have changed. Under Bush, “Republican” seems to mean “member of an elite group (or a supporter of this group) that believes America should exist largely to fund and support their own private agenda,” whereas “Democrat” seems to mean “Non-Republican in possession of some small measure of political power.”

Wait aren’t we missing the point? Maybe the pizza delivery boys are Democrats…!! And I believe Master Wang-Ka said it best…

You know, instead of switching back to the Dems because of Bush, you may want to look to a third party. If you do not like big government, look into the Libertarian Party. ( They are the largest 3rd party BY FAR, organized in all 50 states.

I found that their views are exactly what I believe. (basically that government should do what the Constitution lets them do, and gives freedom and liberty back to the people)

Unfortunately, there is no difference between the Repbulicans and Democrats. With either one in office, government grows and grows… The budget under Bush is a LOT bigger than it was under Clinton…

It’s time we vote people with actual principles into office, not people who pander to get votes to stay in power.

Doesn’t that just mean he’s more generous with the nation’s money? :dubious:

Anyway, isn’t this where the right-wingers in the crowd are supposed to say something about how the budget is bigger under Bush because of things done during Clinton’s presidency?

The Budget is bigger under Bush because:

  1. The War in Iraq and (to a lesser extent) the War on Terror are new expenses.

  2. Bush has made no discernable effort to reduce spending.

When you pay a couple of thousand bucks per person to breakfast with the President, not much is left to give to the pizza dude.

Not to mention, in South-Eastern Michigan, true Republicans feast on Jets or Buddies pizza, not that vile rot known as ‘Dominos’.

Maybe Democrats just have bad taste in pizza?

The Dems are highly concentrated on the coasts and the Repubs kind of fill in all the space between. You mean to tell me Topeka makes a better slice than NYC? Outrageous!

To echo Fear Its: indeed, too frequently these boards are infested with liberals who merely toss about empty lefty slogans and shallow slurs on their social betters. A bit of crisp Social Darwinism is just the ticket.