Are Dems losing people to the "Walk Away" movement?

Just learned this was a thing today on FB. But none of my LW rags have reported anything on it.


It’s a fake right-wing astroturf thing.

Existing thread.

I’m sure some liberal somewhere has changed sides. It doesn’t appear to be widespread as Democratic identification is fairly stable and GOP identification has dropped. There’s also probably more instances of well-known (if only in political circles) Republicans saying to vote Democratic or leaving the GOP than Democrats doing the same. Which isn’t to say either is happening in significant numbers.

The creator is a right winger and it is an astroturf movement.

It’s also standard projection. They’ve got people running, not walking away, so they come up with this.

I heard they lost some girl named Renee to the movement. They didn’t even bother to follow her back home.

♫ *Seems to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

you don’t want to talk about it

seems to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

you just turn your pretty head and walk away-ay* ♫
A CNN opinion article published by CNN last week says the Walk Away movement is being promoted by “Kremlin-linked Russian bots, and it is now the seventh most popular Russia-influenced hashtag as of this writing.” The article attempts to cast the movement as anything but a grassroots one, but it does not include any photos or testimonials from Americans.

What movement? I mean, it’s not even a fake movement: There’s no substance there, not even imaginary substance. Your OP paraphrases as “Are people who are leaving the Democratic Party leaving the Democratic Party?”.

Russian propaganda!

It’s hilarious how quickly their subreddit’s subscriber count went up, then flattened out. source

Seems like this grassroots homespun all-American political movement may have run out of bots :rolleyes:


The Dems are losing more to alien abduction and Canada than this non-movement.

Move to close this thread.

You guys is talkin’ like truth is still truth, or facts are facts.
Wake up and smell the hemlock.

More like alien abduction in Canada.

There’s an old saying: “Whistling past the graveyard.” Well, this is striking up a whole damned brass band. Lot of noise and show to distract the faithful from a distressing (to them) reality.

If anyone wants to “walk away” later this month Dave Rubin, Diamond & Silk, Herman Cain, Dinesh D’Souza, Bill Mitchell, Stacey Dash, and 3 people from QAnon will be there to greet you.
Not sure they lined up enough black speakers for this, so hopefully at least 2 of the QAnon folks will be black.

I’m sure that a lot of people who considered themselves members in good standing of the Democrat Party and adherents to the religion of liberalism have seen the error of their ways. Other Democrats, no so much. :smiley:

I’d say “Stay away, the last two years of hysterical braying has done no more to get my vote than 2016 did” has more legs than ‘walk away’.