Are Fighter Planes Insured/insurable?

I’ve often wondered if these multi-million dollar aircraft are insured if per chance one crashes and it is later determined that the pilot could have somehow avoided the crash?

Also what if, due to some shenangigans on the part of the pilot, he loses control of the plane and causes it to crash and he survives by ejecting? Is he in any way held financially accountable to make some kind of partial restitution?

I know that sounds kinda like the same question, but it isn’t. I just basically wanna know if our Armed Forces eat that cost, or if they get at least some of it back.



I don’t know the answers, but it sure seems like it’d be difficult to get people to fly those things if they might have to pay for one on a military salary.

The government insures itself.

I think that almost anything can be insured if you pay a high enough premium. It’s really just a bet and you can usually find a taker. The insurer is betting that the plane won’t crash and you are betting that it will. You don’t really want it to crash and do all you can to prevent that so the odds are heavily in favor of the insurer. Unless, of course, you have over insured it and the company usually won’t take that bet,

Ones that migrate into the private sector have probably been insured for liability, but only after the air cannons and chain guns have had their firing pins removed.