are forums like the SDMB free?

Is there a charge? Where can I go to get a forum or message board for my website?


I know several people who use phpBB for their personal message boards. Info is here:

It depends on which specific software you want to use. phpBB is freely downloadable, but there are others that must be bought from a vendor. Which package you pick is really up to you.

The specific software that the SDMB runs on, vBulletin, must be purchased from Jelsoft.

Another option is to let someone else run the board.

I’ve been using Bravenet for a couple years to host a message board - for $55 a year you can have the “pro” version with no pop-ups. Their free boards are utterly infested with ugly popups, however.

Aside from url, your visitors might not even notice they’re at a different site as you can easily change the colors and even apply skins.