Are Giraffes afraid of hamsters?

Kind of like Elephants are scared of mice.

If a Giraffe has a hamster friend, does it feed it or leave it all alone and sad and hungry?

Is it actually true that Elephants are afraid of mice?

Mythbusters (which does not mean real science) experimented with mice and elephants and found elephants don’t appear to like the sudden movement of mice.

Let’s just ask him.

Giraffe, where you at?

This is good news. Thanks!

That’s the first thing I thought of when reading the op. I imagined some sort of conflict between giraffe and the SDMB hamsters.

I don’t think they frolic in t he same fields, but I could of course be wrong.

I think Giraffe forgot to feed the hamsters again. :frowning:

That’s what I assumed this thread was about considering the OP and the frequency and location of his usual posts.

I can only surmise that they are, considering the forensic investigation I conducted one morning upon finding the contents of my fridge in complete disarray. The investigation concluded that a mouse had entered the fridge sometime during the night. The giraffe, who was already in the fridge, was frightened and, in the course of thrashing about and trying to flee, upset most of the contents of the appliance.

I know this because I found 2 sets of prints in the butter.

Don’t know about hampsters but a keeper at the SD Zoo told me giraffes in captivity are very wary of uneven surfaces. He said they would even try to avoid walking on pavement that had wet spots after being sprinkled on by a light rain.

Did someone say good gnus?

Elephants do not fear mice, nor are they readily startled by the darting movements of the rodents. Similar to how humans’ general revulsion of spiders is rooted in ancient genetic memory (recall the millennia-long human/arachnid wars centered around Sirius (AB)a), the elephant’s reaction is to the shape of a rodent in response to genetic memory inherited by all descendants of the Afrotherian hyrax. The hyrax, it is known, was hunted nearly to extinction by a rodential predator known as Hyraxeator africaeaustralis, until selective pressures favored its defensive development into the grey behemoth we know and love today.

Giraffes don’t generally hang out with hamsters because hamsters drive Kia Souls in a passive aggressive measure to keep giraffes from bumming rides (giraffes can’t fit into a Kia Soul).

What can a Giraffe fit into? Maybe a 60s Bonneville Convertible?

Giraffes are pretty wary of goats too.

As a passenger they’d do alright in one of those. But I’ll bet you’ve never seen a giant hamster driving one, have you.

What do you think the sunroof is for!?

Giraffes are not afraid of hammers. Heck, they rarely even see them in the wild.

Bumped, for all the gentlemen fans of giraffes out there:

And for the hamster fans:

Clearly you have some genetic mutations in your memory. :mad: