Are gold records still LP-sized?

Got to thinking about this after reading this story in the paper this morning. In this age of CDs, do they still award LP-sized gold and platinum records? Or have they suffered the same fate as album art? Somehow, a gold or platinum CD-sized disc just doesn’t seem like it would be as impressive hanging on the wall.

I have some that are cds and one that isn’t. The record companies make them - or made them, these are a decade old - any way they fancy. The gold record I have was only ever available on cd. I don’t know what if anything is on the record.

Your official guide to Gold and Platinum awards from the Recording Industry Association of America. You can see from these photographs that the 12-inch LP style still dominates the awards.

Something else that occurred to me. Are these things actually playable? (Whatever the format.) Or are they strictly decorative?

I recall that Bob Shane, the leader singer for the Kingston Trio, once played his gold record for Tom Dooley after it fell off the presentation board. What came out was a Dean Martin song.

I’m right. Here is a reference - it was Volare.

I had a co-worker with a gold record from a since-abandoned musical career (it was for the soundtrack to “Dumb and Dumber” - his band had performed one of the songs). His was a frame, about 18" square, with a copy of the cover art, a gold-colored CD, and a gold cassette.