Are Green Bananas safe to eat?

A lot of fruit will give you the shits if you eat them green.

How about bananas? I’ve always waited until most of the green is gone before eating them.

What would happen if you ate green (unripe) bananas?

Actually, I thought some parts of the world do eat them when they are green.

Yahoo, which does sometimes employ health-nutzos, says it’s fine.

Taste kind of starchy in my opinion, but slice and fry in some butter and then they’re great.

I’ve had trouble lately with green bananas ripening almost over night. Sometimes they’ll even get the brown spots on the skin and yet there’s still green on the skin too. :confused:

I hate getting caught with five or six bananas that are ripening faster than I can eat them. I don’t like them after they get too ripe and are mushy.

I bought a bunch today and ate one that was riper (greener) than I’d normally eat. It was a little bitter and starchy. Probably should have waited a day before eating one. Hope I don’t get the shits. They weren’t super green or anything.

Assuming bananas work the same as plantains, there’s nothing wrong with eating them green - they’re just going to be much starchier, like a potato, and not very sweet.

I also dislike overripe bananas. When they get that way, though, they are still good in smoothies or banana bread. :slight_smile:

But do not eat a green potato. Them is pisonous.

Yeah, I think the Green Potato was the Green Lantern’s pison. Or was that the Green Hornet?

They’re certainly safe, but as others have noted they taste better when ripe.

Never experienced this or even heard of it.

Bulbs (like garlic) turn bitter if they’re kept until they turn green, and potatoes shouldn’t be eaten if they’ve turned green (already noted above). Basically I wouldn’t eat anything that started growing again.

I’ve always been told unripe peaches, plums, figs, tomatoes, and apples are known to give tummy aches. This article even claims a worse problem.

10 Foods That Can Literally Kill You!!!

Once they’re ripe, I pop them the fridge. (Note that they won’t ripen in the fridge.) As long as you don’t care what the skin looks like, the fruit will be fine for a week or so.

In that article, the danger is seriously overstated. The way it’s written, it sounds like biting into a single cherry seed will kill you instantly. Truth is, you’d need to chow down on a cup or more of either cherry or apple seeds to get a lethal dose of cyanide. Not a cup of the fruit, a cup of the seeds themselves.

Or, peel them and put them in the freezer, then make the banana smoothie mentioned above.

Er, bananas are green when they are unripe. It is a quite different case from potatoes and garlic, which can turn green if they are too far past ripeness.

I often eat bananas with a little bit of green on them. The window of opportunity when they are at perfect ripeness is just too short. It has never done me any harm (he said).

Goering’s method. I can’t find the current thread on this topic. <shiver>

FWIW, those banana hangers do the job! They ripen sooner, more evenly and stay relatively solid even when the skin has started to develop the brown spots. I’d say you can get 2-3 extra days out of a bunch.

Tomatoes are quite commonly eaten green. Fried green tomatoes. Pickled green tomatoes. I’ve even used then for a tart salsa when I didn’t feel like waiting for them to ripen.

Unripe bananas taste terrible, but they’re not dangerous. (My grandfather always used to say they’d give you a bellyache) I like mine ripe, because they’re sweeter.

However, even if that were true, a mild case of the trots isn’t going to kill you.

Trying to peel an unripe banana is like trying to peel a golf ball! And you’ll get this pitch-like crap all over your hands that is almost impossible to remove.

I prefer my nanners on the green side. Once they are completely yellow, they are overripe.

Bananas always seem to reach the perfect stage of ripedity while I’m asleep…

If by ‘green banana’ you mean matoke, then, yes, that can kill you:

And more, including the relevance to Fen-Phen (remember that?).