Are high income kids "at risk"?

I can’t speak about LA, but although shootings at school are not uncommon in NYC, they are not Columbine-type shootings. I was shocked by Columbine- not by the fact that there was a shooting in a school, but by the difference between it and the school shootings I’m used to hearing about. The shootings in NY are more personal- A shoots B during a robbery, or because B insulted A’s girlfriend, or belongs to a rival gang or even because he was trying to shoot C and B got in the way. Shootings like that outside of school get maybe one day’s worth of coverage on a local level, just like the ones in school. Columbine on the other hand, was much more like the mass murder at the McDonald’s in California or the DC area sniper- multiple, random victims , and no apparent reason for the shooting. Both of those cases received coverage comparable to Columbine.

More security in suberb schools?!?

What the hell was moore smoking? (yes I tend to say that alot)

You do realize that school massacres like Colombine are rare in ANY type of school, right? I’m pretty sure that overall, school violence is more prevalent in the poorer schools.

I too find some of the rich-bashing funny. Can we think of any more wealthy stereotypes:

-Rich people are all lawyers, doctors, bankers and stockbrokers, all lawyers, doctors, bankers and stockbrokers are rich
-Murders are mostly committed by bored wealthy kids trying to get a thrill
-Wealthy kids can freely rape anyone they choose
-Most rich kids are into drugs. alchohol, and partying
-Rich people must have done something unethical to become rich
-All wealthy families are disfunctional and consist of bored, arrogant teenagers who are angry because divorced dad spends all his time in Aspen with new Mom who’s almost a teenager herself
-All wealthy people are good looking and dress well and in other words look wealthy
-Older wealthy men wear a tophat and a monocle