Teens' Inhumanity to Teens (WARNING: Description of Sexual Assault Contained Herein)

I’m not even quite sure as to how to start this off…

I live, as one can when one looks at my location, on Long Island. Middle class community - mix of blue & white collar, not a whole shitload of crime, pretty nice. I opened the paper one morning maybe a week ago to find an article about my old high school’s football team. Was it about a spectacular touchdown scored recently? No. About some award that the team, as a whole, had won? Hardly.

It was about an horrific sexual assault that was allegedly perpetrated on three junior varsity players by three varsity players at a summer football camp in Pennsylvania - a “hazing” incident. As the linked article states, it’s alleged that at least one of the victims was anally assaulted with a broomstick. The boys accused of having done it are, according to the articles, 15, 16 & 17 years old. The criminal investigation is ongoing; PA has jurisdiction.

Linkety links: http://www.newsday.com/mynews/ny-limeph133452958sep13,0,7818093.story

I just. don’t. get it. WHAT is wrong with someone’s brain that they feel the desire to be so incredibly brutal to their fellow man? I mean, I’m just fucking stunned - I want to cry. What in fucking hell makes someone so incredibly fucking vicious? I mean, making the JV players carry your lunch tray or wash your car is “hazing” - what allegedly happened here is a crime that’s right up there at the top in terms of horror.

How often does this really happen, I wonder? That it’s happened at all is quite a bit more than enough, to understate, but if it could happen once, I’m sure it’s happened before or will happen again. I’m just…sad. And ashamed that this happened in my community, at my former high school.

I observed there last semester; I was impressed with how nice all of the kids were, how relatively calm the school was. I mean, I have few illusions about the behaviors of high schoolers. I know that kids’re sometimes better behaved around strangers in a school setting, especially if the stranger is close to their age. But to think that maybe one of the kids I saw in the hall did this… I just can’t wrap my brain around it. I almost don’t want to - no one wants to believe that people, especially children & teenagers, could behave so cruelly… “Cruelly” lets them off easy, if they did this.

I’m sorry about the rambling quality of this OP - like I said, I’m still trying to get my brain around the whole thing. I’ll keep people updated as to whether criminal charges are filed, etc.

That’s horrible!! I’m wondering if, perhaps, the assaultants started out not intending to do anything nearly this brutal, and then got “caught up” in the heat of the moment. Not that that excuses them at all, I’m just wondering. . .

Truly horrible. I had a similarly freaky experience of reading about my school in the newspaper one summer while I was still in high school, though. One of my classmates murdered another, apparently out of jealousy over a spot on the cheerleading squad. There don’t seem to be many articles about it online any more, but I found this one.

Well geez, if the NYPD can get away with it, why can’t we?
Oh, right. They didn’t.

Hope the fuckers get thrown in jail.

Hey, I heard about that on the radio and recognized the town name. I was going to ask if you’d gone to that school! :wink:

A friend had gone to that Chicago school where the women’s lacrosse team hazings took place. She told me that kind of stuff was rampant. Shocks me the kinds of things people will do for acceptance, plain & simple.

Golf balls? Pinecones??

Sounds suspiciously like a similar case we had over here that occurred in 2001 with some fuckwit jocks. Link. On top of that, they used Deep Heat.

Stupid fuckers got exactly the same sentences on their re-trial. Well, everyone knows their names now and NZ’s too small to hide in. I’m a firm believer in Karma and hope they get what they have coming to them…

Rabid_Squirrel, that judge in your link deserves something too.

At my high school, the football team hazed a bunch of freshmen by picking them up, spreading their legs, and then ramming them, balls first, into one of the metal pipes in the gym.

Their punishment? They had to sit in a classroom and get a lecture from the principal. And then think about what they’d done. That really stopped the hazing.

I blame sports. If these kids had been stuck in front of TV and fed Cheetos until they were paralytically fat, they wouldn’t have the energy to sexually assault anyone.

Also, that would have meant I was part of the “in” crowd at my highschool.

Another sad and ironic aspect of this, is that sports programs are often justified on the grounds that they “build character”.

Stupid fuckheads.

Where the fuck were the coaches?

The coaches apparently did “bed checks” until 11:30 PM, after which they retired to a separate cabin.

Kevin MacElroy, one of the coaches, was teaching at the school when I attended - I think he coached girls’ softball during my senior year. I never heard anything negative about him - then again, I wasn’t really involved with my classmates past being friendly in the halls & classes.

The football season has been suspended - the school board voted unanimously. Today, some of the kids staged a walk-out to protest the cancellation of the season, saying that it punished everyone for what a few people did.

I don’t think that they grasp the gravity & the full ramifications of the situation.

I don’t think schools should have sports in the first place. The point of school is to learn things; football is just a distraction.

Mepham class of 01

Football at Mepham has always attracted a certain kind of student, a not particularly pleasant kind to be precise. Back in my day (all of three years ago) mandatory and frequent drug tests would have dealt with the worst of it.
Let me once again register my intense dislike for HS sports.

No, but those three junior varsity players probably perceived the “full ramifications” involved.

Some excerpts from Rabid_Squirrel’s link.


WOW! Letting these maggots apply for “home detention” is a really effective way of making them “stop blaming others and accept their guilt.” So, “a second trial threatens to continue to disrupt the university studies of Daniel Cutbill, Gabriel Williams and Kent Burns.”

Stop ripping my fucking heart out! The judge is concerned that these sadistic imbeciles will miss their uni classes? WHAT THE LIVING FUCK?!? You know what, you waste of perfectly good tits? It’s not just the bullying that is having “a devastating effect on the self-worth and self-esteem of young people.”


Fuck almighty, what was this judge thinking (if mentative processes even entered into the picture at all)? Does she honestly think that these young thugs will take their “punishment” seriously when they are being given “home detention” for such a serious crime?

It sounds like she needs a little “deep heating” herself.


Jesus Christ, Zenster. I don’t offend easily, but I think your “tits” and “limp clit” comments did the trick.

I always wonder about the mentality of those involved in these types of hazing situations.

I find it odd that there seems to be a bit of male on male sexual abuse associated with these.

I once discussed this with a guy who was a hockey player. They did a lot of strange things like “elephant walks” Picking up marshmellows with their buts and having other players eat them. (Eww) and other games.

He later went on about how they used to go on what he called “fag hunts” Basically crusing around to find a gay couple and beat them up. Truly sickening.

He was a violent homophobe in every sense of the word. the mere mention of the word got him angry.

Imagine his anger when I asked why he and his buddies did such “gay”* things to each other.
*[just a clarrification: I don’t think that these things are part of normal homosexual behaviour but I wanted to point out to the neanderthal that it wasn’t exactly normal heterosexual behviour either]

I seem to notice that these general groups (I know huge paintbrush) who tend to participate in these sexual type of hazing also tend to participate in gay bashing as well.

Anyone find this odd?

Telcontar: You must’ve been a freshman when I was a senior.

Crimeny, AudreyK, it’s not like the comments were directed at you.

I think the judge has her head up her ass so far she can’t swallow without blinking.

Soft-pedalling anal rape with a foreign object, augmented by the additional torture of heating cream, is not the sort of crime that should be punished with “home detention.” The assclown judge simultaneously bemoans how dehumanizing bullying is to youth and then wrist-slaps a gang of thugs who sexually assaulted one of their own pals. I think the judge is a waste of skin and said so.

Nothing personal.

Whether the comment was directed at me is irrelevant-- what you said was tacky and obnoxious. And please, be honest-- your charming phrase was that she was a waste of “perfectly good tits.”

I’m glad you are capable of glowing red with righteous anger, but if the judge’s actions are as objectionable as you feel they are, you should not need to resort to such remarks. Doing so reflects very poorly on you.

End of, and apologies for, the hijack.