Are Infomercials Legal?

I remember hearing something a while back that mentioned that these commercials that last 10-15 minutes or more are actually illegal but are done anyway. What’s the dope?

My guess is that you remember wrong.

Why in gods name would they be illegal? What possible law could be being violated? Besides the law about annoying people that tuned in to Sienfeld reruns and found them pre empted.

You see here in the good ol US of A we have a thing called free speech. Like it or no, commercial speech is covered.

Of course the government is allowed to limit speech that can be considered damaging, like yelling fire or calling at 3:00 am.

There may very well be a group of people who wish to regulate advertising. We call those people commies (well we used to) now I think we call them lobyists.

Any commercial lasting longer than 15 minutes must be identified as a commercial. That’s the sole restriction (well, that and the various false advertising rules).