Are Jeeps good at getting other vehicles unstuck?

I live out in the country and often, I find vehicles (my own family’s included) stuck in the mud or snow. I have a 2WD Chevy pickup but it is practically worthless for the job and often it is the stuck vehicle anyway. I’m looking at getting an old Jeep Wrangler, mainly for fun but I’m wondering if they are useful in pulling people out of sticky situations. I understand that they are impressive off road but is freeing a vehicle the same thing? Something makes me think that they may be too light to be useful.

I used to have a Wrangler; but have been driving a Cherokee for 12 years.

You’re right that Wranglers are good at getting themselves unstuck, but they are not very heavy and might have difficulty pulling another stuck vehicle out. Maybe if you got a winch on the front it would allow you to anchor the jeep and pull out the other vehicle using the winch.

You could get a tractor. Those are fabulous at getting other vehicles unstuck.

Pretty much depends on how stuck they’re stuck. I’ve pulled out quite a few rigs with a small 4x4 ATV, which surprises me.

I’ve had much better luck using those relatively new recovery straps that stretch and give a bit of a snap to get the stuck rigs out. Saves on drivelines and transmissions too.

Can’t tell you how many rigs I’ve wrecked over the years trying to use a chain. A bit of give is good!

Do you have an example you could point to online of these straps?

As people have said, It depends on a lot of things. I’ve had a CJ7, still have a Truck 4x4 and two 4x4 SUV’s. Have had two other SUV’s. As a general rule, it’s best to have a heavier vehicle to do the pulling. But as folks have said, a winch would pretty much negate that as long as you can keep the lighter vehicle from sliding.

You could also consider wheel chains for the Jeep.

Another thing to consider, at least from my experience is that a 2 wheel drive vehicle can’t get in as much trouble in the first place. Get a 4x4 stuck, and you are stuck.

Just google tow straps. It’s just heavy nylon webbing. I usually use a combination of a chain and a strap. The chain is infinetly adjustable. And do yourself a favor and don’t get the strap with the hooks on the ends. Get loops and a couple of Anchor Shackles.

I’m a Jeeper and offroader and I’ve never seen a Jeep fail to get someone unstuck, but it’s more from being prepared with proper recovery gear and experience than anything else. If you’re just using a strap to pull people out, nothing beats a big ass truck. But for helping people on the side of the road, a Jeep is ok.

A winch is a different story. You can pull as hard with a winch as you can safely pull with anything else. They also provide a slow, steady pull which I’ve always preferred to a yank, and if a winch doesn’t work, you might as well get a tractor or tow truck.

If you get a winch, I suggest getting a pulley to pull from different angles and a heavy tow strap to anchor the back of the Jeep to a tree to avoid slipping on heavy pulls.

I also suggest learning as much as you can about recovery before attempting it on a stranger’s vehicle. A lot of cars don’t have very good recovery points and you can end up damaging them.

Well said FubayaIt seems this skill is going down the drain. I’ve been jeeping since the mid 70’s.