Are Jewish furries circumcised?

THIS is a thread directed to fellow Furries and Anthrofans…
Phoenix Dragon, Narile, Bosda Di’Chi of Tricor, amongst others.

God made a Covenant with Abraham, and the Circumcision is the sign of that Covenant. Jews, amongst other faithful peoples, still follow this commandment.
Okay… now we step off to the deep end of fantasy…

Lets logically follow the divine directive to the fictional world of Furries…anthropomorphic/humanoid animals (animals with human characteristics/humans with animal characteristics…think Disney’s animated Robin Hood.)

A male’s, uh, member, is completely covered by a sheath, unlike a vestigial foreskin on a human, usually cut away because its more trouble than its worth.


Suppose a fictional Jewish Furry submits his 8 day old boy to a mohel to be snipped :eek: . An animal’s sheath…anthro or otherwise…is quite substantial, and is quite important for protecting the member in question :dubious: .

Would the Mohel go ahead and slice off an essential piece of anatomy, or just do an alternate version; a relatively benign prick with a needle to draw blood (something generally done with adult converts)?
NOTE! apologies to those of the Jewish faith who are offended by this post. I tried to contact a Furry message board without success. There are groups within the Furry community who maintain a deep seated faith such as Christian Furs and Jewish Furs, and wanted to know the rammifications as the two aspects of their being go head to head.

Shalom, y’all!!;j

Well, the only furry comics in which I’ve seen full-frontal male nude scenes were Omaha the Cat Dancer and Hepcats, and in both cases at least some of the males were circumcised. However, the relevant anatomy looked pretty human, rather than animalian - that is, the foreskin to be lost was a human “vestigal” foreskin rather than something more substantial.

(Warning: RL grossness ahead)

If you want some exmaples for what “alternates” might be, the female clitoral hood is also fairly substantial, and the various cultures that practice female circumcision have done everything from a nick to draw blood through full excision (and on to infibulation).

Well, most “mainstream” furry characters you see in animation and whatnot usually go around without pants (Exhibit A.), and nothing is visible. But I can’t recall if any are Jewish. Or even Muslims, for that matter.

I can’t help but think what would happen if this were posted at any of the other forums I frequent.

Three takes on the question:

  1. Assume that in the fictional cartoon universe the creatures depicted are intended to be taken as human, despite how they’re drawn. For lightly animalistic worlds such as Omaha or even Disney’s Micky Mouse/ Donald Duck/ Goofy world, they would almost certainly have human-type genitals and those of the Jewish faith would be circumcised.

  2. However, strongly animalistic furries such as Disney’s Robin Hood present a problem. Are they all “human”? If so, how do you account for the convenient fact that only like types ever happen to get married and have children?

  3. Assume a fictional universe in which human/animal mixes are recognized as mixed. In that case, it is highly likely that they would be ineligible to ever be accepted as converts to Judaism. Leviticus bans a lot of things from the Jewish faith.

Yeah, I agree that anthropomorphic animals are probably unclean in a bunch of ways.

Weah, but I’m not sure YHWH mentioned anthropomorphic foxes.

Lumpy, Leviticus does ban a lot of things, but where does it ban people?

As best I know, if an anthropomorph is sufficiently sentient to understand Judaism and accept the obligations, the conversion would be legit. I’m sure the Rabbinical court handling the conversion would figure out how the rules of circumcision would apply.

But that’s just my take. I don’t think Torah or Talmud addresses the speculative fiction of non-Human Jews. That would make for some interesting responsa!

(Added on preview as ob. Cafe note.) How would a Jewish fire-breathing Dragon handle the Shabbat prohibitions against making or extinguishing a fire?

Scuba_ben Couldn’t the concept of Pikuach Nefesh, as I understand it, apply to a Jewish dragon? I mean, if abstaining from fire breathing would have a deleterious effect on the dragon’s health, or would put his life at risk, I wouldn’t think he’d be expected to abide by it.

I can see it now: an anthropig converts to Judiasm, and applies to be circumcised. The Mohel does it, but then has to have his hands cut off. :smiley:

Re: the dragon, my understanding (the Spouse is Extremely Reform, so I might have this wrong) one is not required to extinguish a fire that is already lit on Shabbos, merely not to light one. I think one could make a properly Talmudic-flavored argument that the dragon’s flame is always lit, merely by virtue of being alive, unless there’s an obvious lighting mechanism (like the electric-eel “thimble” in the back of the maw in “Flight of Dragons”).

Hehe… I didn’t know about this thread untill someone emailed me about it, but I have to admit, it’s kinda funny :slight_smile:

Well, let’s see… From the furry art I’ve seen, there are generally two types of male genetalia presented for typical furs; Either human-style (The kind most of us would be familiar with), or sheath-style. Mostly, it depends on the artist’s (Or character’s player’s) preference, knowledge of anatomy, and/or whim. If it’s a human-style penis, there’s really no difference between the two, so I would imagine they might do it. For an animal-style sheathed penis… It’s a lot more substantial than the human foreskin. In fact, I can’t see anyone removing it without very serious side-effects. We can debate about the side-effects of clipping the foreskin, but there would be little question about the side-effects of clipping off the whole sheath. I have the feeling that if the fur’s society was similar to ours, it would probably fall into the same general area as female circumcision, and wouldn’t be approved of (At least not upon underage people; Those of age could do it if they want. Though WHY they would want to…). The alternative method, which I havn’t heard of before, actually, would probably be done instead…

I’ve actually thought before on how furries would intigrate into society, though I’d never really given religious aspects more than a quick gloss-over. Definatly an interesting topic, though :slight_smile:

I can certainly imagine a good deal of… “clash,” if we assume furries just get suddenly integrated into society somehow. Many religions say different things about all sorts of different animals, and I’m not sure how they’d handle the difference. Like the joking mention of the anthro-pig before… Judaism considers pigs to be dirty animals, right? Would this carry on to antro pigs? Would anthro cows in India be considered holy? I imagine religions would probably be quick to declare wether or not the animals it refers to would include the anthro animals or not… It could get pretty confusing…

As has be said…Depends on the artist at the time. :wink:

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Some will be, some won’t.

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Your understanding is good, Omorka. A pre-existing fire does not need to be extinguished just because Shabbat is about to start. Moreover, the prohibition against starting a fire also extends to extinguishing a fire. So one is required to not extinguish a fire that is already lit on Shabbat.