Are large animal penises typically eaten by subsistence hunters or not?

I mean it’s meat, but based on the reactions to eating various deer, pig, bull etc. penises on Fear Factor the cooked taste is not all that great.

No idea about subsistence hunters, but isn’t meat usually meant to mean muscle? Penises mostly aren’t muscle

Sure. Why else would people say ‘go eat a dick?’

I can’t speak about ancient cultures, but some modern ones do. It’s not a common thing, but if you want to literally eat a dick, go to China’s ‘Penis Emporium.’

Human penises yes, but IIRC a number of large animal penises are somewhat prehensile and must contain some muscle.

Hell, you can find frozen bull penis at some of the markets around here in Chicago (La Fruteria on 95th-ish and Commercial comes to mind.)

Try watching Bizarre Foods, which features some of the same animal parts and you’ll see people having a much a different reaction.

I suspect the “cooks” on Fear Factor are not doing anything to enhance the flavor of what’s being offered whereas on Bizarre Foods a great deal of care is given to simmering, spices, sauces, etc. Presentation counts. I wouldn’t want to eat chicken boiled in plain water for three hours, but chicken marinated, grilled, and sauced can be wonderful.

Bull penis (dried) is an excellent chew toy for dogs. It is stringy, and acts almost like floss.

Having read scores of ethnographies on H-G peoples (including emergency food discussions), I don’t recall ever noticing a penis-eating description. Subsistence hunters eat everything of nutritional value, like liver, brains, subcutaneous fat and muscles. Penises fall short here, considering the sinewy, membrany nature of 'em.

So it’s a bitch’s chew toy AND floss? I’ll have to try that line and see how it works out.:smiley:

Fuckin’ Dennis Rodman… weird ass.

Many animals prefer other parts. Bears will strip salmon of their fat and throw away the lean meat in favour of catching another salmon and eating more fat. Scavengers eat the rest of the salmon.

Wild Dogs prefer the guts of an animal and the udders of lactating animals, 'cause they like the milk.

Hyenia will strip a carcus clean including bone.

Basically animals kill, eat what they like, leave the rest for a scavenger who eat what they like, then leave the rest for more scavengers. Certain birds will drop rocks on bones so they split open leaving them able to eat the marrow

Bull’s penises (pizzles) were traditionally used to make whips.

Spanish: vergajo
m. Verga del toro que después de cortada, seca y retorcida, se usa como látigo

Do you have any cites for these two?

How many per whip, or did you just carry one and rub it real hard?

We need a first-hand answer from Bear Grylls.

Also, point to note, subsistence hunters often lack means to transport and/or preserve their whole prey. Especially in Africa with hot climate and abundance of scavengers, successful hunt means you carve prime cuts from your game - as much as you can carry - and leave all the rest. While some organs like liver might be considered prime, penises most certainly are not.