Are lock picks sets legal?

My friend just ordered a set of lockpicks through a catalogue and i was wondering, Is this illegal? Everyone gives me a different response everything from “absolutely”, to “Only if you’re caught using them”. Does anybody know of any specific laws that deal with this. I’m not sure if this is dealt with at the national or state level so i live in wisconsin if that helps. thanks

Lockpicking tools are 100% legal.

There are thousands of professional licksmiths(I meant locksmiths, but I like licksmiths better, ) that use them everyday, legally, in their work. Thank god for those tools, cuz I’d have been up shit creek more than a few times without them.
An interesting side-story, somewhat related, is that you can legally buy psychadelic mushroom spores, but it is illegal to grow or possess them. Go figure.

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