Are McCain’s campaign/volunteer offices relatively empty?

A lot of posters have been quoting 538’s reports that talk of virtually deserted McCain offices, especially in comparison to the bustle of Obama’s.

Are there other (reputable) sources besides 538 that have noticed this? I have no interest in impugning 538, but such a dramatic observation should have been noted by others as well.

Also, are the suggested implications correct? That seems inconceivable — it’s one thing to make claims of greater overall support, but to suggest that the pro-McCain/anti-Obama sentiment is so small as to leave his campaign offices empty is a bit beyond me.

It wouldn’t matter if McCain’s offices were all full. He doesn’t seem to have as many offices as Obama does:

In Virginia, Obama has three times as many offices as McCain does, and has registered nearly half a million new voters.

ABC news says 37% of voters have been contacted by Obama’s campaign in Ohio, compared to 27% for McCain (as of October 6).

Google for “Obama McCain ground game” and you’ll find lots of discussion on the topic.

Huffington Post: “Listen to this from one top Republican campaign official who says Barack Obama’s ground game is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before: ‘This is the greatest ground game they’ve ever put together,’ he told ABC News on the condition of anonymity. ‘It’s scary.’”

Washington Post: Obama’s ground game superiority goes back to the primary.

The Obama has 9 field offices in freakin’ North Dakota.

North Dakota’s largest cities:

  1. Fargo - 90,599
  2. Bismarck - 55,532
  3. Grand Forks - 49,321
  4. Minot - 36,567
  5. Mandan - 16,718
  6. Dickinson - 16,010
  7. Jamestown - 15,527
  8. West Fargo - 14,940
  9. Williston - 12,512
  10. Wahpeton - 8,586
  11. Devils Lake - 7,222
  12. Valley City - 6,826

Our local McCain office shut down…then we’re in the blue state of Connecticut.

Yeah, Squink, it’s not a huge populous state. But when has a candidate in the past ever even bothered to go? To me, it’s one of many indicators just how vast Obama’s ground game really is.

It’s almost like somebody in the Obama campaign has some sort of background in grassroots organization – like an organizer on a community level.

Yeah. But a “community organizer” sounds kinda like communist. We don’t want one o’ them for President.

It’s often been portrayed as “look how no one likes McCain” as opposed to “look how awesome Obama’s ground game is.” That is, it’s often brought up as an indication that McCain’s campaign is faltering.

How do his office’s staffing levels compare to Obama’s? Horrible, but that may just mean that Obama’s ground game is That F’ing Good.

How do his office’s staffing levels compare to Bush '00 or '04? If they’re roughly the same, then little can be said about the strength of McCain’s campaign on it’s own (i.e., not in relation to Obama’s). If they’re relatively quiet compared to Bush/Kerry/etc., then there may be some significant conclusions to be be drawn.

Or both. I can personally attest to one example of Obama’s ground game being That F’ing Good: yesterday I went to volunteer from 6 PM to 8:30 PM, and when I left at 8:30 the place was still bustling with activity. I’m planning to come in Sunday afternoon and only leave for class until Tuesday night. The head coordinators literally do not have any time allocated for sleep. We’re working nearly 72 hours straight.

During a recent McCain Campaign conference call the campaign bigwigs alleged that they’re ahead of the pace from 2004, and that they have better organization and better technology than Obama.

Of course, they also alleged that they were extremely high. One campaign bigwig alleged that he was a monkey. Another campaigner alleged that he totally had the munchies.

So make of that what you will.

Disclaimer: Most of the second paragraph is false except for the bit about the monkey.

Yeah I think this may be the real case here. I was driving along today. And looked over and saw an Obama field office. Now this wasn’t there a few days ago. So out of curiosity I stopped and went in. I was told that the “real” field office was too packed so they spun this one off as an overflow office. In this temporary office there were about 20-30 people running around and a good dozen more came and left while I was talking to the organizer.

By the time I left I was loaded down with signs, stickers, and temporary tattoos. And somehow had volunteered to do canvassing Monday night. Which to say the least is a bit out of character for this Republican. Obama has truely put together a movement the likes of which we might not see again for at least a generation. It would be hard for anyone else to match it. And I think McCain’s organization is suffering in comparison.

And that doesn’t carry any responsibility, nope, not at all.

(and now I want an Obama tattoo. Dammit!)

wrong thread

Well, at least not until the 2012 elections, when Obama will be running for re-election. He can pick up right where he left off.

I want a (temporary) tattoo too!

Oh, really? Do you think that perhaps Community Organizer President Obama might have some use for this sort of massive citizen’s movement while in office?

The man is crafty like ice is cold.

Let’s hope so. He’s an idea man, so I would assume he has some ideas about how to keep most of the volunteers engaged during his term. I didn’t mean that he’d just forget about everybody then pick up in 2012 where he left off.

No idea about McCain but I made calls at Obama’s shop here this morning and it was stuffed to the gills with people all making calls. The network was over loaded some people had to use paper lists.

All ages and races were represented but my demographic was probably leading the population, middle aged white in a Republican county.